[Fourm Suggestion] multiquote button!

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  1. Don't you guys hate it when someone quotes someone's post but you want to reply to his post and the other post he quoted without quoting both of them? Well we could add a multiqoute button that will allow us to do that.
    EXAMPLE: (found this on mc fourms)

    And no I have no idea what that post in the image is about. I just found it.
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  2. I understand. Like you would see multiple quote boxes in the quote just like with spoilers, and you could see quotes that were in the post you quoted
  3. You can already do this...

    Like I'm doing right now
  4. Yes but its kinda annoying doing it, it would be nice to click one button. Done,
  5. Sorry! Misundertstood what you wanted. I get what you mean! +1 idea
  6. Finally found an image after 30 minutes xD
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  7. .... Just press the quote button more than once. Like this.

    [QUOTE=Aikar]Inside Quote[/QUOTE]
    Outside Quote[/QUOTE]
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  8. It might be cool to have :p
  9. It's about the minecraft forums moving to a less superior piece of software than that that EMC runs.

    But I do think multi quote would be good, but it would require a fair bit of modification to the core.
  10. IBP and PHPBB are both rubbish. Xenforo all the way <3
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  11. Multi quote was announced last night as a feature for XenForo 1.3

    It doesn't work exactly as specified in this picture, but it does allow you to quote multiple posts without having to scroll up the page and hit reply on each post. You can find more information on the official Have You Seen thread.