[Fourm Game] Excuses Excuses Excuses

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MakeAmericaGreat, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. In this forum game, The last person to post gives you a task, and you have to get out of it by giving a wacky excuse! Here is a example!
    Do the potty dance.
    But I don't have to go!

    And after you give a excuse, you must give a task for the next person!

    nothing inapropriate!

    And if you like the game, be sure to drop a like!

    So now that you know how to play, I'll start us off!

    Give me all your rupees!
  2. Umm I can't pay myself so Give me diamonds!
  3. Umm I have no diamonds so give me all your promo items!
  4. I can't, I put them in the one year capsule so make a potato farm!
  5. I can't, I don't have any potatoes. So, build a giant TNT sphere!
  6. I can't, I'm not a diamond supporter, Buy me diamond supporter!
  7. Sorry, I'll have to save my money for an alt. But go play minecraft!
  8. I can't, I took my computer apart. Give me your holiday promo.
  9. I can't, I forgot to feed my llama sorry.
    Give me all yeh rupees! :p
    Edit- Ninja'd but still works I suppose
  10. Can't,I'm poor ,but give me your account...
  11. Can't, making a sandwich, so... make a statue!
  12. Sorry, where would I get the materials? Can you hack moodle for me please?
  13. Sorry, what is that? Make a flying pickle!
  14. sorry I just sold my last ingredients for one, make me rich in every way!!!!
  15. Sorry, I can't.
    I made myself rich #IJustDidThat