Four word story

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  1. Ok so im starting a 4 word story here you guys havevto continue it.

    Ok heres the start.

    Once upon a time...
  2. there was an IceCreamCow
  3. who was a Mod
  4. that rode a flying
  5. two horned guinea pig
  6. that hunted evil trolls
  7. All across the empire
  8. Then came a warrior...
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  9. That had taken over
  10. EmpireMineCraft it failed though
  11. so he ran away
  12. to edit the wiki
  13. And post MANY pictures...

    say ( of awesome pink piggehs )
  14. more than four words :p
  15. rawr..
  16. that's less than four :p
  17. Piggies are so cute
  18. Of AWESOME pink piggehs. :p

    Edit: were all hopeless. hahahaaa
  19. who enjoyed being BBQed
  20. Then killed JackBiggin ha