Four Kingdoms Project (In Progress)

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  1. Hey guys!

    So recently I took down 3 of my residences in hopes of joining some friends on SMP 5. As I was looking for a res, I decided to try getting four plots next to each other, making a square. Well I found one of them, and 3 around were occupied. 2 were inactive and the other one wasn't. I talked to the other guy and he let me claim his residence letting me have all four :D I was extremely excited, but confused on what to build.

    I decided on four castles. Each castle represents an army found in most medieval wars, both fictional and real. I currently have built a rough-draft layout of one of them and will have pictures below.

    Here are the four types of kingdoms that I am doing and their color scheme:
    Royal Army - Purple/Gold
    "The Dark Side" - Red/Black
    "The Rebellion" - Dark Green/Gray
    Religious Army - White/Blue

    Royal Army:
    Years ago, purple was considered the color of royalty, and gold was one of the most common and expensive forms of currency. This kingdom focuses on how it looks over all else. It's functional, but not necessarily practical.

    "The Dark Side":
    I'm titling it this because of Star Wars (One of my favorite movies/series of all time.) Black/Red combo commonly portrays the "evil forces" in fictional warfare. The red symbolizes blood. The black "Darkness," but not in the sense of "Oh I need to place a torch here" haha. "The Dark Side" as I'm calling it tends to come up with funds from thin air. This castle will be big, dark, and pure awesome :D

    "The Rebellion":
    Whenever there is a force of power, there are those who oppose it. Rebels usually aren't as well funded as the force they are rebelling from, so their castle will be more practical over expensive. They are often outnumbered, out-equipped, and out-trained, so they rely on cunning over all else. They often use guerrilla tactics, using the environment to their advantage. The dark green and gray is used more as a camoflauge. Like the rebels on Yavin-4 (Go star wars :D), they were hidden underneath some forest.

    Religious Army:
    Oh where to begin haha. Religion tends to lead to war. This castle is ruled by a king claiming the throne through "Divine Right."
    "The gods have chosen me to lead you to salvation!" and stuff like that is used as propaganda. The church has many wealthy supporters. This castle will be large, it will be a monument to the god(s), and it will be very clean. The color scheme is kind of a mystery, but it fits in my mind. I googled the symbolism for these colors and got this.
    White: represents peace, purity, mountain snow, and/or innocence. A simple white flag represents surrender.
    Blue: represents freedom, vigilance, perseverance, justice, prosperity, peace, and/or patriotism
    I think those descriptions seem accurate :D

    The one that I've been working on is the Royal castle. I'll post images below :D

    The torches will be replaced with glowstone and the glowstone will replace some stone brick :p

    So to the less-fun-because-I'm-greedy part.

    I've got several friends who are going to help, but I have this hole in my pocket. I would probably run out of money buying the stone brick alone, which means I don't have enough for decorative blocks and such. It's an expensive project, but it will be worth it :D

    List of stuff I need:

    These are all estimates. More exact numbers will ome in the future.

    Stone Brick: A lot of Stone Brick. (8ish DC's)
    Wool: (Purple, Yellow, White, Blue, Dark Green, Dark Gray/Silver, Black, and Red. I'd assume around a 10ish stacks of each
    Obsidian: Probably around a DC + as well. If not I'll end up just using black wool.
    Glowstone: I'd guess somewhere between a single / double chest
    Redstone Blocks: Around 15ish stacks
    Gold Blocks: Maybe 3 stacks
    Lapis Blocks: 5 stacks
    Netherbrick: 3ish Double Chests
    Lava Buckets: 5ish Double Chests
    Dispensers: 1 DC

    Gravel: 60 stacks ish.
    Cobblestone: One SC/27 stacks
    Stone: One SC/27 stacks
    Pine/Spruce Leaves: 2 DC's/108 stacks

    Oh and a little extra tidbit

    I was talking to Shaunwhite, and since I have four residences he will be helping me customize the area between them. There will be an obsidian circle in between all four residences (At the walkway intersection) and the rest of the pathway will be glass on Lapis blocks :D

    More info coming soon :D

    Iron Blocks: I think around a single chest would be nice
  2. Residences include:

    11097, 11096, 11234, 11235

    Ninjaboy5656 - Double Chest of Obsidian +c 3 stacks of Lapis Blocks + 6 stacks of redstone blocks.
    AmusedStew - 2 DC's of Stone Brick + Discounted pricing on more
    Five_Star - 3 stacks of Netherbrick + 10ish stacks of Stone Brick + Several stacks of multiple types of wool
    PandasEatRamen - 10 stacks of all the listed wool :D Thanks a ton :D
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  3. Ermagerd I'ma start shearing sheepz. BEE ARR BEE.
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  4. You just taught me alot of Medieval Kingdom stuff.

    I have alot of black wool, some red wool and pink wool. And green wool. And basically a bunch of other colours. I don't need those, and I can always get more from my sheep farm. In the morning i'll organize a chest of these for you, and i'll give you access to my sheep farm.

    I don't have many colours, but I have most of what you need. I also don't have many don't accidently right click :p
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  5. Thanks a ton! I really appreciate it :D
  6. those are my sheeeeeeep
  7. Not yours, Mystul's.
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  8. So this is the secret project you were starting... Wasn't secret for long :p
  9. Haha I hadn't 100% decided until today :D

    I've done a bit of work on the second (black/red) one.

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  10. This is interesting...will the rebels have jungle trees?
  11. That's not depressing a all :p
  12. Not sure yet :p. I'm kind of coming up with ideas as I go. I don't know for sure what I'm gonna do yet :p
  13. I kind of realized "depressing" isn't that easy on minecraft haha. I edited that part out :p
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  14. Aha, so this is why you needed the res?
    I shall be popping back from time to time, hope it goes well.
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  15. May I ask what wonderful texture pack that is?

  16. Some of these may have another layer. The pictures I'm posting are just the first/main floor.
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  17. That looks amazing! :D
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  18. Thanks :D
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  19. Ill give you all my leftover stuff from my griefing party xD, thts a couple stacks of stone brick, no where near 10 dc :p
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