Found persons stuff in Nether

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  1. Hello i was in the nether a min ago collecting glowstone in the nether and i found someones stuff ,7 stacks of glowstone, 40 melon,iron tools and armour. Is this anyones? if you think its yours say the server name what you where doing at your time of death. I haven't used ANYTHING. If someone has told me the nessasary details i will set up a chest at my res (i will tell you my res after someone has claimed it).

    I am going on holiday soon so if this is not claimed by 21st of July 2012 you will not be able to claim it for another 3 weeks.

    P.S A reward would be nice
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  2. It was not me :p
    Did someone die and not go get their stuff?
  3. Lol, he probably rage quit :D I'm kidding
  4. that could be weeks old since it wouldnt have disappeared since the chunk wasnt loaded
  5. what should i do then?
  6. i know who it is its gabe627's he is banned so you can have it
  7. how do you know?
  8. cause he is my cousin and he said "Oh Sh*t i died with like 10 stacks of glowstone"
  9. this is a toughy as you dont know what happened to them but the 7 stacks of glowstone could boost any server massivly
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  10. gypsyluke77 is it possible that you would know the server he was on?
    And are you sure that i can keep it (i don't want to be accused for griefing)
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  11. i think either smp8 smp7 or smp5
  12. oh its none of them servers :( am i allowed to keep the stuff still?
  13. ask ICC
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  14. I don't know how long ago it was but- Mods can check death points of players. I don't think it works in reverse though. You may be able to get one to check the deathpoint of gabe627 and see if it matches where you found the glowstone
  15. In fact, you are in no way obligated to give this so anyone, you don't even have to give it back, but that's just my dark side
  16. Don't take it as it could cause problems and it may not be Gabe's. you would get in trouble and you trying to do a good thing would cause you to get in trouble.
  17. i wouldnt have told anyone about it........ but thats me

    i was in the nether not to long ago and came out with more than half an inventory full.....
  18. I respect you for giving the owner a chance to collect his goods :) Thank you for that.
    As pointed out by others, if you find stuff laying around like that, I'm fairly certain it is free game. That being said, I think that you are handling it the correct way. Give the person a day or two to claim their items, but if they don't, it's all yours. In no way would this be considered griefing/stealing.
  19. Ever heard of the term, finders keepers? I mean, seeing as he has already disclosed what's in the inventory any could claim it's there's, honestly the fairest thing to do is to take it, that way no one can fake that "Oh I died in the nether awhile ago!" If he had not disclosed the inventory he found, then he could say, if you can name what is in the inventory it's yours and you get it.