Found my new home

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  1. I have found my new home I discovered minecraft years ago. But I haven't played for years I am 25 and enjoy my simulators and have just had my htc vive delivered and would love try it on minecraft. I manged to get my good friend ian_c to get it and we have been sever hopping looking for a home which we have found here on empire.
  2. Well welcome to the Empire may your stay be joyful.
  3. Hi Kenel, welcome to the Empire!

    I think you've been "EMC'd" :D Its good to hear that you're having a good time so far, I hope that it will last. There is tons to do on the Empire and basically something for everyone. From massive mining and fishing trips to some hostile mob madness (mob arena) and even if you don't like any of that you can just hop onto the wilderness and start... well, surviving ;)

    Noticed that you've been with EMC for a few days now, nice to see that you also discovered the forums. You're about to discover a whole new side to EMC I think :)

    So yeah.. Nice to meet you, and maybe we'll meet in-game sometimes. SMP7 is a nice server to be on btw (obviously I had to peek) :)
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  4. Welcome to The Empire
  5. Welcome to the family! If you need anything please ask :)
  6. Awesome to hear that. Enjoy yourself. Emc is awesome. Many things to do, read and see.
  7. Hi keneldridge. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  8. Welcome to EMC! I had the same exact thought when I joined a few years ago :p
    If you have any questions feel free to find me in game! But fair warning, I'm on SMP8 most of the time, and things tend to get a little strange there ;)
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  9. Just dont go to smp8 if you dont want multiple wives ;)
  10. cheers guys foe making me feel at home :D
  11. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  12. Welcome! Glad you feel at home here! I'm usually found on smp9. As noted in previous posts, smp8 can be a bit overwhelming and even sometimes odd. But they seem to be quite a social group over there. If you need any assistance with anything, just ask in town chat... Most everyone is quite helpful.