Found my first Fossils

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  1. Just doing a little deep overworld mining in the SMP6 wasteland and stumbled across bone blocks. Couldn't resist doing a little excavating and here's what I ended up with. Supposedly these are fairly uncommon, so it surprised me that the first one I found came as a pair.
  2. Awesome find! I see you have a few new diamonds too.
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  3. this is cool! i might come off as a noob, but i didnt realize they could be found in deepslate/ such low y-levels :O

    edit: it looks like this is a 1.17 addition:
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  4. That's quite 😎 cool!
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  5. I feel like even more of a noob since I thought these were only in the nether. Looks like the overworld ones are larger too!
  6. il sugest taking a scamatic and putting it on your plot becouse its prety cool i have only found 6
    3 on emc its sad those bone blocks arent special with text or somting since having a original Dino skeleton maybe rilly cool