Found Mob Spawner - What to do now?

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  1. So I found a cave spider spawner in the wild and I don't know what to do with it. I guess I want to create a mob grinder/trap, but I have little to no supplies down in this cave and I have no idea how to make one. Does anyone know of a mob grinder/trap that only uses water and stone? =/

    Also, I've heard of these things coordinates being sold to people. Around how much does a cave spider mob spawner go for?

    And yes, I know it probably won't be bought unless it is made into a mob grinder/trap.... So please if anyone could help me that would be great. Thanks! :)
  2. well you can sell the spawner though most people don't want a cave spider one and the grinder's for them i found are more difficult to make then a zombie or skeleton grinder also it does not matter what material it's made of there are plenty of videos on youtube which show you how to make a cave spider grinder
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  4. Oh, well AlexChance's prices for a cave spider grinder is too much for me considering I am not a supporter and I make barely any money ever. lol I appreciate the link though. :)
  5. You don't need to be a supporter to be rich. Supply high demand with good prices, you'll make your rupees!
  6. I need someone to make me a grinder once i buy my blaze spawner for way less than AlexChance sells it for. That stuff is super expensive. Anyone know any other mob grinder services? I'm possibly going to make 1 of my own later and sell it way cheaper than alexchance. It's just a rip-off with him but I don't mean to rip on him.
  7. If you want, i can make the mob spawner for the cave spider for you. I promise I don't grief. That should raise the price by 1-2k if not more.
  8. Funny that you say I don't have to be a supporter. *looks at shiny new title under her avatar* I went ahead and upgraded anyway.

    And yeah, I understand I don't HAVE to be a supporter to make rupees. I just feel it is easier.

    Grief what? It's in the wild. :confused: But yeah I'd love for you to come by smp9 and build it for me. Message me when you can. Also I'd like to give you something for your efforts if you do it. :)
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  9. If its in the wild, and you claimed it (put torches on the spawner, built around it) and someone comes and destroys it, it is considered griefed. I may not be able to build it today, been busy yesterday and today. But tomorrow I will for sure.