[Forum Game] You sue. I sue.

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I tend to make polls that doesn't have common sense.

I WILL SUE YOU! 43 vote(s) 69.4%
Nevah! 26 vote(s) 41.9%
Yes! 21 vote(s) 33.9%
No! 20 vote(s) 32.3%
Yes! 21 vote(s) 33.9%
No! 21 vote(s) 33.9%
YES! 21 vote(s) 33.9%
NO! D: 19 vote(s) 30.6%
YEEEES! >:D 32 vote(s) 51.6%
NOOOO! D: 28 vote(s) 45.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Welcome to a thread where people sue above the poster.
    How it goes/Example:

    HEY YOU JAKRES! I'm suing you for making this thread! You will be fined *insert something here* /You own me *insert something*/Give me your *insert something here*/I demand to get your *insert something*

    Simpel? No? Prepare to be sued for not understanding.
  2. HEY YOU JAKRES! I'm suing you for making this thread! I demand to get your potatoes! Did I do it? ;3
  3. HEY YOU CHOONGJAE! I'm suing you for potato theft! You will be fined a banana!
  4. HEY YOU ScarTheNinja! I sue you for punching cows! You will be fined 10 double chests of milk!
  5. Heeeelloooo!!! I sue goofball for... huh... cheese!
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  6. Greetings sir. It has come to my attention that you have a quiet short post. I'm suing you for doing that. You own me a chocolate now.
  7. I sue you all (especially choong) for simply not being desserts. You will be fined your life.
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  8. YOU CORDIAL, AND PIE!! I sue you for having a squid in your sig, for that I want 1 dc of ink sacs every DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! Muahahahaha
  9. Hey you. YES YOU JZH1000! I sue you for trying someone to murder squids! I demand potatoes from you so that I can be saved from Potato King Choongjae!
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  11. Hey Chasca I'm sueing you for Off Topicness of this thread, you will be fined all of your Lego!
  12. Hey NINJATTILA! I'm suing you for suing chasa who sued jakers who sued JzH1000 who sued....
    You will be fined a -$1000.
  13. Mr.Equinox_Boss. I'm suing you for misspelling my name. You will be fined $1000 and cakes.
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  14. IM A DR!! so I fine you some pills. :rolleyes:
  15. HEY EQUINOX_BOSS! I'm sueing you for being a pill addict! You have been fined for ALL YOUR LIKES!
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  16. Jtc, I am bringing civil charges against you for capital embezzlement of another player's likes. The damages amount to 10,000 likes, 2,000,000r, and all of your pony memorabilia. You will be brought before the Empire Finance and Like Court on the 31st of July, 2013.
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  17. Dear 72Volt, unfortunately, a terrible event has been discovered, and we find you guilty. You are guilty for not trusting the following URL. (http://5z8.info/ninjastaroutlet_b9x8ur_PIN-phisher) Therefore, you must trust the following URL. (http://5z8.info/hookers_y5m7ik_stealgmailpassword--)
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  19. Brickstrike, I am suing you for demanding an inferior national currency. You owe me 10,000 Bitcoins, everything Ayn Rand has ever written, and Gary Johnson.
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  20. Dearest 72 volt. You have stressed me out by forcing me into something I do not want to do. For this I am suing you for emotional stress. I am demanding that not only are you required to be my butler, but, also pay 5 million dollars in gold.
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