[FORUM GAME] What would you do if you were shrunk to the size of an ant?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Unidnt, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Title kinda says it all. You have to make a short summary of what you would do if you were shrunk to the size of an ant.

    My post: I would get into my candy and have 1 jumbo marshmallow last 4 weeks!
  2. If this were possible, and it happened, I'd probably avoid everything and figure out a way to become a normal size again so I don't die of being stepped on. :(
  3. Annoy Krysyy.
  4. Play around
    MUAHAHAHAHA...oops I shouldn't have said the MUAHAHAHA
  5. Id be one ugly ant.
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  6. It's what you would do
  7. I know, Id do nothing.
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  8. I would bump stuff.
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  9. Hmm... Let's see. I would go rob a bank. And then... I would annoy people. And then.. I WILL RULE THE WORLD AND BECOME KING!
  10. While you are the size of an ant?
  11. Yup :D
  12. I would make a major motion picture. I'm thinking I could call it "Ant Man"
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  13. I'd do my best to avoid Max's shoes.
  14. I would take an ant-sized magnifying glass and burn people's toes.
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  15. I would want to go into a goat and see how it is in there...
  16. Sneak into the Government buildings around the world and realise all the secrets they hold.
    Before then coming to realise that humans are the actual "bug" in society.
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  17. I'd probably die really quickly. But if I somehow could ever manage, I'd try messaging a friend for help.
  18. If I was an ant, I would try to play emc by jumping on the letter keys, with lots of ants. :)
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  19. I'd play minecraft like I usually do.
  20. Probably call upon my fellow ants, assemble an army, and kill ISIS. =P