[FORUM GAME] Tyrants and Dictators

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  1. This is a forum game that is similar to MrLegit's game, but in case you did not see or play his last game, here are the rules for this one:
    1. NO GOD MODE except for me because I control this
    2. No ray weapons
    3. Follow EMC rules
    4. Use common sense
    5. Please don't make up countries, I will be checking countries except for obvious ones like Spain, France, etc.
    6. No army can exceed 5 million troops
    7. Nuclear weapons can only damage one city
    8. Victories are declared by me unless all cities are nuked
    9. 1 nuke at one time ONLY
    10. Research takes 5 posts, building nukes takes 10, researching nukes takes 10 as well. Normal building is 5 posts
    So just some copy-paste tool magic here....
    1. Declaring war: To Declare war, you must post saying that you want to attack someone, and give a reason. The reason is to ensure that no one goes over to top at the very start. You may only be at war with one nation at a time. if the reason is good, I will allow it. If you declare war on someone, and they declare war back, you are automatically in war, as both of you want each other dead.

    2. Victories: To defeat another nation, you must capture all 5 of their main cities that they listed. Once that is done, you have won, and have taken control of that nation, but they still have a chance..

    3. Defeat: If you lose, your nation is taken over, but you CAN still play it. You will become a free force, an example of this is the Free French Forces in WW2. The goal of this is to take back power of your nation, by capturing the cities again. Once done, you are back to normal play. You will, however, have no government control during the period.

    4. Retreats/Surrenders: If you surrender when a nation is attacking a city, they automatically gain control of that city. You can also surrender your nation, which will automatically give the attacking force your nation, and turn you into a Free Force. If you retreat when attacking someone, all process in taking that city will be lost. If you retreat when defending a city, that city will be lost.
    Now my application:
    Country- USA
    Army- 2,500,000
    Imports- Cars, metal, food, coal, basically industrial stuff

    The year is 1900 and we are starting...

  2. Country: Japan
    Population: 400,000,000
    Millitary: 150,000,000
    Imports: Wood and Iron
    (really nobody exports stuff) Exports: Fish, Sugarcane and Paper.
  3. Dude, you COPIED some of this word for word from my game.

    Sorry, just saw the first line...:oops:
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  4. Accepted
  5. USA starts work on a new rifle
  6. Country - Korean Empire
    Population - 13,000,000
    Military - 28,000
    Exports - Timber, Minerals
  7. Seems awfully confusing...
  8. Just follow the protocol and be creative :p
  9. Seems an awful lot of protocol for my liking. :p
  10. Japn begins work on cars.
  11. Country: UK
    Population: 30 Million
    Army: 5 Million
    Exports: Metals and Medicine. The Worlds leader in making new medacine
  12. Are you not Japan?
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  13. Accepted
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  14. Country- France
    Army- 150,100,450
    Imports- Wood,Minerals,Food,Cannons,Cannonballs,Some Guns and Ammo
  15. Country- Germany
    Army- 150,100,450
    Imports- Pizza , any other German food , Wood , Copper , Iron Ore , Nuclear Bombs , Gun rays.

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  16. Country-Liechtenstein
    Imports- agricultural products, raw materials, machinery, metal goods, textiles, foodstuffs, motor vehicles
  17. UK Starts work on a new medicine, calling it Vactodom news will be announced later on.
  18. Korean Empire changes name to Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
    DPRK starts work on aeroplane.
    DPRK approaches Lichtenstein for a merger, meaning both states will merge into one under a co-operative diarchial rule.
  19. UK Finishes Vactodom. The pill taken over a 1 month period will kill cancers and anything 'growing' in the body.

    UK wishs to Ally Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  20. DPKR rejects ally request on the grounds that they do not want to be dragged into UK military conflict in the future.
    However, the DPKR wishes to create a trade route, giving the UK a timber and mineral supply in exchange for a supply of Vactodom.
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