[Forum Game] The War for Universes!

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  1. Not all Forerunners are friends of humans...

    Ok let's get this thread back on topic.
  2. (( Pretty much all forerunners liked humanity. Except the Didact. Screw the Didact.))
    Reach is building a large navy to defend itself.
  3. The Reach has of course been accepted :p
  4. Back on topic, hmm?

    Project S.P. has been going well. Though, the progress is being rushed, and some parts are now being reviewed.
    Potato did connect up the radiated potatoes, and a different form of electricity, now named as "Raditricity" has been discovered.
    Potato has created several scouting ships, minerals ARE running low however.

    Potato has been working vigorously on Project S.P. And, recent research has discovered a possible way to use Raditricity for the Laser Rifles.
    Potato continues experiments with radiated potatoes.
    Potato construction on the moon ensues. The radiation source has been located and isolated, until further research.
  5. Reach is beginning constructing lunar bases on its 2 moons. A military academy, a shipyard, and a research facility are being constructed on the first, larger moon while a mining facility, refinery, and warehouse are being built on the smaller moon.
  6. brickstrike, could you credit dimensional war and war of planets?
  7. Of course!
  8. •Cryptum begins shielding its planet and researches how to create a fake sun, so that the planet can be defended entirely.
    •The Council officials are elected.
    •Cryptum colonizes it's moon and makes it it's main military base.
    •Cryptum sends ambassadors to all other planets to negotiate peace.
  9. Reach's lunar bases are finished. There are rich titanium, vanadium, chromium, and deuterium deposits on Reach. Many mining facilities are being built, and these resources are increasing Reach's already-powerful military.
  10. Project S.P. has begun seeing some light. A proto-type is in the works, and it's to be tested on a trip to the moon.
    Potato has seen a way to make radioactive potatoes servants.
    Potato has finished the main base on the moon.

    Potato S.P. begins the construction of a proto-type of the battle-ship. If it'll work or not, that shall be seen in time.
    Potato begins on making the radio-active potatoes less dangerous.
    Potato has begun on many houses on the moon. This idea hasn't been conducted yet, however, a basic plan has been set.

    Potato also connected up the Raditricity to the rifles, and the resulting shots creating a nice boom. However, due to the large usage of Raditricity, the final product will likely be much different.

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  12. I think everyone wants to keep their forum games alive. Has anyone else noticed how forum games are now a mysterious, nearly extinct species? They are very rare in the wild.
  13. Yea that sums it up..
  14. lol, i'll continue. :p

    Potato finishes construction on the battle-ship proto-type.
    Potato managed to lower the radiation of radiated potatoes. However, the radiation is still dangerous enough to kill.
    Potato has finished with a bit of houses on the moon.

    Potato sends Project S.P. to the moon with supplies and people.
    Potato begins sending out scout ships... Currently looking for a planet for mining.
    Potato begins making safe pathways on the moon to connect houses, and future businesses.

    Potato currently is debating the problem of resources. Leaders are currently hoping the scout ships are successful in their searches of a possible mining planet.
  15. I hope you won't mind if I make a new post for my new advancements? It's quite hard to edit my old posts.

    Project S.P. has successfully landed on the moon. Observations has been taken. Currently back at Potato.
    Potato's scout ships has found a possible planet.
    Potato has connected most houses with oxygen filled passages.

    Project S.P. is sent out with the rover to record data on the planet. Current nick-name for the planet, "Fries." After dropping, Project S.P. is going to head back to Potato.
    Potato begins to produce another proto-type of Project S.P. To be used in research.
    Potato has scientists observing the planet from afar, and deems it, "Safe for human beings"
    Potato has begun to continue research with an advanced shield.
    Potato has begun to send up technicians to create a light-weight shield on the moon.
  16. No problem :D The Octavian space fleet is still on there way to that star...
    EDIT: I think I am making it required to this s that we don't get confused... Maybe would like to hear others opinions...
  17. Don't mind me, just advancing while everyone else is staying away. >: )

    Rover has recorded sufficient data. Returning to Potato in a scout ship.
    The Project S.P.2 has been made.
    Potato has had a break-through with shield technology. Ideas for multiple-layered shields is being made.
    Technicians has successfully created a light-weight shield, similar to the one on earth, on the moon.

    Potato has sent out engineers, tons of resources, and mining men to Fries, and begun creating a space-base on Fries.
    Potato has begun research with Project S.P.2
    Potato continues research with the shield.
    Potato begins constructing many more buildings on the moon, and even an army base, in case of future invasion.

    Potato has been collecting the numbers of the Octavian fleet, and decides not to follow their trails to the star.

    Question, may I be able to reach other universes and galaxies?