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  1. The year is 3489. On your home world, it is peaceful, with no threats. One day, a group from a destroyed universe, The Farside, comes to your own universe. They are ruthless creatures that want to take your universe for their own! Band together and fight! Or fight with others to gain more power!
    It's up to you, elected leader(s) of your planet, to save yourself!
    This is idea came to me by princebee who created The War of the Planets Thread and Dimensional War. Check him out!

    If you are unclear by this...
    The Farside, a destroyed universe from which vile creatures have come from.
    The creatures want to claim your universe for themselves.
    You are the leader of a planet who will fight to protect your planet.

    Application Form:

    NOTE: If you have any : P, or : D in the application, make sure to press space so I can read them.
    Planet Name:
    Planet Orientation:
    Government Type:
    Solar System (Star Name) :

    Yes this is a long application but it will come into use later. Here is an example of what each could be.

    Planet Name: Example
    Planet Orientations: Organics, Magic, Technology, Science, or Mix of any three.
    Government Types: Democratic Republic, Monarchy, Council, etc.
    Universes: Armodia, Talienia, Darctionia (More to come later)
    Galaxies: There are Three Galaxies in each universe,
    Armodia: Milky Way, Alpha Delta Theata, Capericornia
    Talienia: Adrmomida, Redonia, Destinian Glaze
    Darctionia: Gargoalian, Toania, Erastoly
    Solar System: Name any star or create one your self.

    Since I am the owner of this thread, I will playing as a director of sorts and narrate what is happening to certain planets. I will try to be fair and just and not out of the blue say, "Your planet has been zerg rushed". Now for the rules.

    No God-Mode if you are caught using god mode, I will pull you from the game.
    No cheating, don't say I found a thing that can destroy that creatures in one hit. If you do that I will make your planet pay.
    No Over Powered Weapons.
    I can remove you from the game when I see fit.
    I reserve the right to add more rules when I see needed.
    And one last rule, YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS WIN. 'Nuff Said.
    Oh and I am the only exception to the rules. DEAL WITH IT.
  2. Planet Name: Sparta
    Planet Orientation: Science and Technology
    Government Type: Military Council
    Universe: Talienia
    Galaxy: Destinian Glaze
    Solar System (Star Name) : Grecian
  3. Accepted.
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  4. Sparta what is your current objective that you are researching or developing?
  5. I like forum games. :D
    Planet Name: Potato
    Planet Orientation:Agriculture, Technology, and Science
    Government Type: Democratic Republic
    Universe: Darctionia
    Solar System (Star Name) :BP 11
  6. Sparta begins research on interstellar jump drives.
    Sparta sends out Scout Ships to plants in the Grecian Solar System.
  7. Darn :'s! Accepted!
  8. A fleet of the vile creatures, now thought to be called Octavians, have been spotted near the Grecian solar system in the Destinian Glaze Galaxy. They will standby until action is taken on the other end. In other words. THIS IS FOR SPARTA!
  9. Planet Name: Cryptum (yes this is the same as mine on princebee's thread)
    Orientation: Technology, Organic, Science
    Government: Council
    Universe: Darctionia
    Galaxy: Erastoly
    Solar System: Arantocylic
  10. ((Come on man))
    Sparta begins arming it's Space Fleet and preparing its Ground Forces.
  11. Potato begins research on a shield around the planet.
    Potato begins experiments with potatoes to find a more efficient use for them,
    Potato begins construction on army bases around the planet.
  12. I would suggest to try and occupy your moon as a battleground if nesscary.
    Also the Octavian fleet decides to move on but may possibly come back at a later date.
    Breaking News!
    A new Star has been born! This is an event in history! The Fleet will be going in the direction of the blast from it being born. It has yet to be named.
  13. Umm is Cryptum accepted?
  14. Accepted, Sorry forgot I had to :p
  15. Potato created a shield to block light enemy attacks.
    Potato finds out a great way to forge electricity from potatoes.
    Potato created several army bases. Currently recruiting for soldiers.

    Potato begins research on a new type of battle-spaceships. The project is named : Project S.P.
    Potato continues experiments on potatoes.
    Potato continues on army base placements.

    Potato's satellite detect a small radiation level from the only moon of Potato. A team will be sent out with proper tools, plus a set of builders to begin construction on the moon. Potato assumes this is not a threat.
  16. The radiation causes any potatoes on the moon to become mutant live potatoes. This could be useful or dangerous because it can spread radiation (possibly).
  17. Potato finds out this news... Unpleasantly. Potato begins to dismiss potatoes from the moon, or begins to isolate them, and the radiation team has begun to find the source of the radiation.
    Currently, the builders are planning to create a space-base on the moon, with oxygen and all that stuff.

    Potato has been making way in Project S.P.. A lot more work must be done however. And, it's not estimated to be finished until around when civilization on the moon begins.
    Potato's experiments with potatoes, and the news from the moon, has uncovered a possible theory of potato servants. Otherwise, perhaps the answer to cancer is available.
    Potato also has almost completed the army bases. Many soldiers are currently being trained, and some soldiers will be deployed to the moon to help regulate the site.

    Potato begins to research strong, laser rifles. Powered by potatoes, as of course.
    Potato begins experiments with radiation potatoes. Hoping to create a special type of electricity, for the laser rifles.
    Potato has begun the side-project of producing scout ships. Currently to be used to scout the rest of Darctionia.

    Bed time for me, so i'll not be replying for a bit. G'night.
  18. Planet Name: Reach ((Yes. I am a Halo fan.))
    Planet Orientations: Military
    Government Types: Council
    Universes: Armodia
    Galaxies: There are Three Galaxies in each universe,
    Armodia: Milky Way
    Solar System: Epsilon Eridani System ((Did I say I was a Halo fan?))
  19. HA! My Forerunners will destroy you puny humans!

    (Yes mine is based of Halo, it is the title of a halo book dealing with the Forerunners and it is a Forerunner device.)
    EDIT: All we need now is the covenant...
  20. Lol wut. Forerunners are the friends of humans, the Reclaimers. Haven't you ever played Halo 4? Oh yeah, I've heard of Halo: Cryptum. I recently read The Fall of Reach