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  1. I just found this website where you can press a button and a random word appears :D
    The point of this game is to create a "dictionary" thing, here are the rules:

    1. Go to http://superpatanegra.com/metanom.php
    2. Click in "Generar nombre"
    generate a name.jpg
    3. Post the name and its definition here (Use your imagination, be creative :D) It can have more than 1 meaning!

    If we get 100 random words I'll make a book and sell it in game :D

    I'll start with the word: BISCUS.jpg

    -Biscus: It is a biscuit made of hibiscus flowers and honey :D
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  2. DYNAMET - Is dynamite but X9999999..... Stronger :D
  3. POPMAG - A magazine about pop music (all copies were burnt at the stake for your safety)
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  4. NITROCAKE - Is a poisonous cake
  5. AMBILOOD: Its a kind of fish who has three eyes and eats NITROCAKES
  6. MACROTABLE - Its a giant table
  7. SINKET: Its a guy who never stops playing in EMC
  8. DINOLINE - Dinosaur production line staffed by AMBILOODs
  9. NUCLOS: A nuclear station powered by raw fish
  10. BEDEND: The end of a bed, duh.
  11. SPEWIO: A banned player
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    It's a unicorn with a HUGE horn, and he is using it to put up his friend, to pin them on the wall.

    And, forgot to mention, he is spitting out burning water.
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  13. COPHERFIELD-A Submissive Sheep
  14. Visatime - some website in Arabic language
  15. HITANT: It's when you hit ants.
  16. What the actual fudgecake?

    Also, google, I don't need your translator. I understand spanish quite fluently :p
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  17. Well go on then,
    give it a meaning! :p
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  18. Hmm...

    Jelly tots.
    Mars bars.
    Yes, mars bars.
    A juice made out of love-hearts, with alot of mars bars and jelly tots in it that only appears on bonfire/guy fawkes night.
  19. LEVIBARTH: The act of posh people having a bath whilst levitating.
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  20. DOMINEGH- Dominoes pizza that got pressed into a cheesecake :p