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    It is the dawn of civilisation. You are the leader of your people.
    Tired of walking for food and water, your people become settlers.
    Will you lead to greatness? Or desctruction?


    You start with a group of 100 people. A page on the forum is one year. The goal is to be the first to reach space.

    To reach space you must do all of the following: a) have a population of over 200 million, b) have a collection of materials and weapons (over 300), c) reach modern medicine, d) have a large navy fleet, e) have a productive space program. Other requirements will be added as needed.

    You cannot be unrealistic in that stone age people can make a stone rocket....

    Competition between cities and nations will happen, and when a player has been defeated in war there are three options that the victor can choose. 1) Annex that nation completely, and the loser must start a new nation. 2) Make it a satelitte state to your nation, but the original player still has control over it (like a Governor). 3) Remake the government of that land to fit your beliefs and the leader of that changed nation must conform.

    I will not be playing this game, and will be sending out different memos stating something has been created, tensions have been made, or a natural diseaster has struck.

    To actually start playing, all you must do is introduce what you as a leader will be known as, where the population is located, and what your city and/or nation is called.
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    I live in Some Huge Remote Island Nobody Discovered or Cared About aka SHRINDoC (sih (as in signal)-hin (as in hinge) doc (doctor)) 719.8695111 mi from the center of Alaska.
    I am amazing!
  3. The Millipede has appeared.
    Watch as they lead SHRINDoC to perfection!
  4. I find a rock.
    Gained rock material.
    In the next year, population will increase by 1.80 to 180. (Making room to slow down as time progresses.)
    I start playing with the rock (fire maybe?)
  5. Hmm. I'll watch.
  6. What year is it right now? 1?
  7. Ummm....
    B.C.E. 3000?
  8. But if you can't be realistic... how would one ever get to space? It would take thousands of pages :p