[Forum Game] Right or Wrong?

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by cTJx, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Hey community! Here's a fun forum game (I hope) that you guys may enjoy. It's called
    Right or Wrong?
    Here's how to play:

    Line one: Answer to the previous post.
    Line two: Your question

    1. You may not post anything that may be harmful or offensive to another player.

    2. You may post things to help people correct their post, but delete it after the problem has been solved.

    3. You must leave a question for the next person to answer.

    4. If you use an inside joke, you must be explaining it, or labelling it as an inside joke. I recommend you simply don't post anything like this, because it may harm or offend another player.

    Starting question:

    Which is better:
    Universal Studios or DisneyLand?
  2. Universal Studios no doubt :p
    Which is better, ice cream or gelato?
  3. I agree :D
    Ice cream of course
  4. Starting off a new one...

    Which is better, Japanese food or Chinese food?
  5. I don't think it's clear enough. So you need to post three things? An agreement or disagreement, plus an answer to the previous question, plus a new question?
  6. Two lines..

    Line 1: Agreement/disagreement

    Line 2: Question for the next player
  7. But then you need to agree or disagree with a question :confused: