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  1. Note: This forum game is meant to be a prequel to the forum game War of the Planets, which can be found here Credit to the creator Princebee.
    The year is 6384. On Earth, civilized organisation is in a mess. Back stabbing on the behalf of enemies, political strife, and threats of another world war. But this time, it won't be a world war. Now, with Earth colonizing planets and moons like Mars, Europa, Io, and the Moon, this will be a war of the planets. At the worst time though, a strange quantum phenomena appears: the Quantum Ripple. This ripple in the spacetime happens only every 2 billion years. It only appears when all the energy in the universe reaches a certain point after the Big Bang, and it's molecules collide and create a huge rip in spacetime. This rip causes a ripple effect across the whole universe, and creates some sort of energy. Previously, this energy was known as Dark Energy. Now, after humankind finds its origins, it is called the Ripple Energy. Unexpectedly, this Ripple energy will appear, and transport all energy through a rip in spacetime to another part of the universe.
    This happened to Earth.
    Earth is now a freezing, dead, wasteland with no energy whatsoever on it. It will take years and years before life can live on it again.
    This leaves the colonies hanging on the edge of a cliff, with out any sort of lifeline to Earth. Factions spring up, and they begin battling for energy, machines, food, fuel, land, power, anything. Out of all the failing groups that weren't organized, 5 main groups appear.
    1. The Xenfall. This secretive faction's homeland is on the moon of Ganymede. The Xenfall follow a strict code of honor, and any sort of treasonous of illegal action will result in death. They are one of the most powerful in terms of population and land, but they lack the right machines like a fleet of transport ships or a proper navy to defend themselves.
    2. The Strjo. This unique group is the underdog of the main 5, but they are special. Their entire faction is cyborg, and everything is operated by machinery. They have a powerful, yet outdated, navy that is capable of protecting them. Unlike the other 4 factions, they reside on a massive space station in the Asteroid Belt, where they are protected.
    3. The Wallfer. These people live much like they did before the Ripple, in modern homes, with cities that have skyscrapers and office buildings. The Wallfer live in cities on the moon of Europa. They have lots of land and population. Every healthy man from the age of 18 to the age of 35 must serve in the army for at least 5 years. This gives the Wallfer a massive military, which protects them every day, all day. The Wallfer are the most powerful faction, but they have one painful thorn in their side they can't seem to get rid of.....
    4. The Jaklbif. They are a group of warriors that live on Europa with the Wallfer. The Jaklbif fight fierce to protect their homes from the Wallfer. They have stolen things like laser cannons and modern guns from the Wallfer, reverse-engineered them, and made thousands of them. They keep trying to conquer the Wallfer, but it always ends up at a stalemate.
    5. The Birts. The Birts live on Luna, Earth's moon. But because the Ripple happened when their side of the moon was facing away from the sun, they have to live in a constant twilight. The Birts have no army, but they don't need one when they have a navy of thousands of ships. This navy has the potential of destroying an entire cluster of asteroids, making them a large threat to the Strjo.
    So who are you? You are an officer in one of these 5 factions. You must help lead the faction into victory over the others. If you conquer the other 5, you know your faction will rule the solar system.
    -Use common sense.
    -No god moding or OPing.
    -You are allowed to create your own faction, but you MUST contact me before doing so. If you don't, the faction won't be allowed. At least two people (including you) must be wanting to create the faction, and you must already be in a faction. This is to prevent tons and tons of factions from springing up.
    -I will announce if a Ripple has appeared. You must react in the correct way, or else I will announce something wrong has happened :cool:
    -No using alts to gain more members in your faction.

    -I am the only exception to the rules.
    -Have fun!

    Name of your officer:
    What are you like? (e.g. bad-tempered, hostile, friendly, cautious)
    How much power do you have in that faction (second in command and leader are NOT allowed)
    Your ID number: (This is used for when I announce something like "Officer 15 is now the commander of blah blah)
    Other notes:
    My application (example)

    Faction: The Xenfall
    Name of your officer: Sloan
    What are you like? (e.g. bad-tempered, hostile, friendly, cautious) A cautious leader who respects his men
    How much power do you have in that faction (second in command and leader are NOT allowed) I command a good sized brigade that protects a Xenfall town.
    Your ID number: (This is used for when I announce something like "Officer 15 is now the commander of blah blah) Of course, I have to choose 01.
    Other notes: Sloan is friendly to other officers, but has a dark history and is not afraid to destroy any of his opposition.

    Good luck!
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  2. Bump?
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  3. can I have a new faction it'll be a faction of mutant ripple zombies that flew from the earth as it was half-way through the entire ripple move and as they floated through space they landed on one of the smaller colonies and there leaders (still have some intelligence) captured the fleet of star ships and moved on and conquered all of the small colonies until they grew in vehicles and men since when they defeat someone they breath some of there high concentration of ripple into there defeated foes so they grow more human but lose more of there ripple power
  4. *facepalm* Sorry, I forgot to add something in the OP rules. To make a faction, you must already been in one and have other people wanting to join...... Also, in that description that is kinda god moding.
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  5. I'll be the
    jaklbifthen number 4 if I spelled it wrong
    name: larry
    I am a hostile leader that if someone makes a mistake they will be sent on a solo raid so they'll most likely die...
    I ma the leader of a small group of men that are working to steal from the wallfer like there food and provisions since there isn't much farm land on the moon (I think)
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  6. Officer 4 receives a message from the Jaklbif High Command, about his position in the Army. (You will be PMed it)
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  7. I will join adder, just not right now. I have to go to school. :)
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  8. As a friend of adderwolf, I will not let this die, when he comes back, I want him to see this thread thrive ;)
    Here is my app.
    Faction: Xenfall
    Name of your officer: Flint
    What are you like? (e.g. bad-tempered, hostile, friendly, cautious) friendly, and cautious
    How much power do you have in that faction (second in command and leader are NOT allowed) First Ranking Officer
    Your ID number: (This is used for when I announce something like "Officer 15 is now the commander of blah blah) 4
    Other notes:
  9. Faction: Xenfall
    Name of your officer: Kazuto (obviously :p)
    What are you like? Sometimes rebellious to the faction (e.g. not listening to officers higher than me) and nice to officers lower
    How much power do you have in that faction? Sergeant Major, commands a brigade of 7 men
    Your ID number: 006
    Other notes: Kazuto has a clear, diamond sword (about 1.5 to 1.75 ft in length) and is skilled in the sword arts (Heheh... Get it? Cuz Kazuto is from "Sword Art Online"? No? Okay...). Physical appearance is about 5'7" and 130 pounds. Everything else looks like this, but older

    Let's get this ball rolling, here.
    Kazuto is talking to his brigade about a possible threat from the Birts...
    Kazuto: "Alright, ladies. Listen up. I just got a transmission from Sloan about three Birt ships detected about 52.54km from the planet's mesosphere at latitude 132.682463° longitude 43.187648°. He instructed me and my brigade to go check it out. Any questions?"
    Private: *raises hand*
    Kazuto: "Yes, Private?"
    Private: "Well, sir, aren't the Birts a bit of a lesser concern?"
    Kazuto: "Yes, they are, but we need to check out what they're doing nonetheless. Any other questions?
    Kazuto: *waits a few seconds*
    Kazuto: "Alright, let's hustle."
    Brigade: "SIR, YES, SIR!"
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