(Forum Game) One truth and two lies...

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  1. Hello, lets all play nice and keep the lies or truths to a family friendly level..

    2 Lies and 1 truth
    ( Can you tell the truth from the lie )

    How the game is played:

    Player one:
    1) I cheated on my math exam
    2) I stole a cd from the prize center at school
    3) I lost my glasses at the lake

    Player 2:

    I think your truth is you stole from the prize center.

    1) I won a royal battle on fortnite
    2) I ate the cookies from the cookie jar
    3) I shot a fish with a BB gun

    or player 2 can just seek the truth.

    Player 2:

    You lost your glasses at the beach.

    Player three:

    1) I played with a lion cub once
    2) I saw a elephant crush a watermelon
    3) I'm an alien mermaid living at the center of Earth

    You get the gist.. Player one can post if that was the truth or not or let someone else guess or whatever. Just keep the game going and don't skip people..

    I'll start us off.

    1) I lied to the officer why I had been driving so fast.
    2) I got stung by 7 bees all in a 10 second time span
    3) I ran for student goverment with the promise of more gym time and less math.
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  2. i think you got stung by the bees

    1, ive gotten my head stuck in a bucket
    2, ive eaten pizza that had rocks on it
    3, i fell on my face doing hurdles in flipflops
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  3. I feel like these could all be truths... Is that bad? But I'm gonna say 3 is the truth ;)

    Now for mine...
    1. Younger Moople often called vacuums "bacuums" and still often does.
    2. I broke my right collarbone once.
    3. I LOVE Disney
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  4. Yep. all of them came zooming out a railroad log by the campfire pit..
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  5. I feel like I should instantly know this just cause of all the mod chat. I want to say 2 could be true but I'm going with number 3, that you love Disney.
  6. #3 is the biggest lie on the list ;) #1 is the truth. I was pretty embarrassed when I realized I was saying it wrong, haha. My parents thought it was cute so they didn't correct me... Now I just say it jokingly.

    #2 is partially correct, but I broke it twice, not just once.
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  7. The title didn't sound too interesting to me, but the concept of the game certainly does! This is a fairly elaborate game, and that's very nice... but I'll need some more time to come up with a strategy. ;)
    The posts so far have been very good!
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