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  1. The year is 1920. The Great War ended two years ago, but the nations of the world didn't recover. Their economies have nosedived, their GDP has become non-existent, unemployment is as at an all time high. Multiple countries have decided to band together and form new nations to combine heads and come up with solutions. This is a new world.

    • No flame wars.

    • War is TURN-BASED. Any violations of this 'turn-based' war system will result in your country being wiped off the map. For clarification, you cannot initiate another attack until the person has acknowledged your attack and/or retaliated to it.

    • Research takes time. You cannot complete the building of, say, a hydrogen bomb in a single post - small projects can take a minimum of three posts, medium-sized can take a minimum of 6, large can take a minimum of 9, and extra large (the hydrogen bomb would fall under this category) projects can take a minimum of 12.

    • Nations are restricted to FIVE COUNTRIES. You can expand them by another four after you begin your game - however, they must already be a satellite state of yours, or you have taken time to 'integrate' them. Nations are also limited to four satellite states at once - unions can have as many as they want.

    • One page = One in-game year.

    • Absolutely ridiculous things, such as building a massive alien mothership, are not allowed.

    • Have a suggestion for a new rule? Suggest it to me!
    Now for the application! It's different to how I had it in New Nations and New Nations 2, and the other NN game that so totally doesn't exist!
    Official Nation Name: The New Kalmar Union
    Unofficial Name: New Kalmar
    Participating Countries: The United Kingdom (including Ireland, since it didn't separate from the UK until 1922), Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.
    Country's Political View: Socialist, although the Liberal Party is currently in power.
    Main language/s: English
    Secondary languages: Welsh, Gaelic, Scottish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic.
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  2. Official Nation Name: The New Sebian Empire
    Unofficial Name: [New] Sebia
    Participating Countries: China, America, Russia, Brazil and Australia
    Country's Political View: Monarchy

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  3. New Kalmar has proposed a new alliance, designed to end internal conflict within Europe. Member states of the European Commonwealth abide by these terms:
    • If a fellow member state is attacked, all European Commonwealth members must respond to the attack with military force. Unless the reason is adequate, an unresponsive member state will be suspended and will be regarded as a traitor to the union.
    • Members of the Commonwealth are not allowed to attack eachother. Those that attack will be suspended and have sanctions placed upon them.
    To join the European Commonwealth, members must somehow have roots in Europe. Invitations automatically apply to those who are eligible to join, they just have to be accepted.
    All suggestions made by member nations are more than welcomed.
    Map: Coming Soonish
  4. Ah, doing another try at it? ;)
    Haha, I'll definitely follow this! If nfell is playing again (and of course he is) it'll probably get interesting.
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  5. should try an older map some of the countries on this one didnt exist back then and others did
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  6. It's the only one that has any good detail :p. I do understand it's slightly annoying.
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