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  1. "mächtige Nationen" is German for powerful nations (sounds better in German right :p) and is the working title of the forum oriented game I am currently working on. My goal is to create an in depth textual game that blends warfare and politics to simulate ruling a nation. The game is in an extremely early alpha and I need some people to help me test it, keeping in mind rules and play will almost definitely change on a daily basis for the first few days.

    The game features a manual that will be updated as the game becomes more complete
    The game will have a custom map that will keep track of all border changes and a real time war data
    The game will have a have a custom battle outcome formula

    I need about 5 players to help guide the game along and into it's full potential, If you wish to sign up all the information is in the manual.

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  2. Ill take Germany, using an empire form of government.
    Anthem: Heil dir im Seigerkranz
    Emblem: Prussian Eagle
    Benefeits: defeated France 30 years prior
    Disadvantages: Western powers hate me
    Alternate histories: Sweden, Denmark and Norway are allies.
    I'm from Canada.
    I chose Germany because I have German heritage, and I love Prussia.
  3. Great, I'll be adding some new gameplay features and hope some more people join.
  4. Sounds complicated! I'll probably not join because I'm not into war, but I'll watch this because I'm interested.
  5. Thats cool, remember it's just as much about politics as it is about war.
  6. For simplicity im restricting the map to europe for the first game.
  7. "Mächtige Nationen" would be right/better ;) As it's a proper name, I would writh it in capital letters and stricke the "n" :)
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  8. [United German Radio Broadcast] Recently there has been a strong uprising of french nationalists in the city of Lyon. There have been no reported deaths however one German military police officer has been hospitalized as a result of mob violence. According to our political analyst the protesters show little threat but in time could become militant. The German run government of France is awaiting orders from the kaiser.
  9. Thanks, my german is not very strong so I used a little Google translate which often gets things wrong
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