[Forum Game] Let's Make a Miniboss!

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Do you think this game is a cool idea?

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  1. So this is a forum game I thought up moments ago and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it failed horribly. Anyway, I always loved playing a game with my family - In turn, we'd each say a sentence and build on the other people's sentences, making one weird story. So, I thought, why not do the same thing for a miniboss?

    This is how it will work: Each player will think up a feature for the miniboss, whether it's a behavior (Momentus draws you in), a rare drop (Marlix's Bow), or anything else (Spawns only in x conditions). I will compile a list at the bottom of all of these posts and we'll see what the miniboss comes out looking like!

    You also can revise someone else's idea if you don't really like what they did or if you think you can do better. However, there are some rules in place, so please read those.

    The name is a very important part of the miniboss, so I won't just be choosing the first one I see. After a few features of the boss have been solidified, please suggest names. The one with the most likes after a reasonable amount of time will win.

    Posts that do not follow these rules will be reported for deletion.
    • You may not double post. You may post multiple times, but they cannot be in a row.
    • You may not override someone else's idea. You can only revise it. Revisions cannot be too major.
      • ex) If someone says the boss only spawns underground you cannot say it spawns above ground.
    • Make it as crazy as you want, but anything that obviously will not work in EMC will not be accepted.
      • ex) Blows up the world and crashes all players.
    • You can only revise one part of a feature, then it is final. This applies to everyone.
      • ex) If enchantment a is changed to enchantment b, nothing else about the item can be changed, by anyone.
    • Anything I consider to be unfair or game-breaking that I forgot to put here.
    The Boss
    A description of the miniboss will be updated here based upon the community's input.
    There's nothing here yet! :c
    Want to know exactly what was posted by each person?
    No changes. :c
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  2. Hmm how about a giant squid with some of the characteristics of a temple guardian?
  3. The squid drops a promo
    fBuilderS' tentacle
    Soulbound (will not drop on death)
    fBuilderS' most powerful weapon
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  4. BUMP! I am dying to post more on this :p
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  5. The Giant Squid emits a cloud of poisonous ink when provoked (black particles)
  6. The squid moves alot faster than normal ones and cleverly sneaks up behind you. It also loves to sink ships
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  7. It would spawn only in very close proximity to Ocean Temples, making it a bit tougher to farm the temple blocks.

    Also, (probably can't be added) when spawned, redstone would be jammed, prohibiting guardian farming.
  8. The squids special attack would bring you into it and blind you. It then slowly sucks your stomach content out you (drains hunger bar)
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