[Forum Game] Lava

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  1. You spawn in a hole, in the bottom is lava.
    To join the game, simply fill this out.
    EMC Age:
    Character Appearance:
    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Paypal Information:
  2. EMC Age: 720
    Character Appearance: sandy blonde with blue eyes, in a suit with a blue tie.
    Character Name: brickstrike
    Character Age: 3 years
  3. You spawn in the hole and you fall in lava.
    You die, good job.
    Ditto to you
  4. brickstrike respawns.
    Quickly breaks a piece of dirt on the side of the hole and places it above him.
    brickstrike respawns, on a block of dirt.
  5. Lava finds you and kills you.
    You die, good job.
  6. um uh.
    brickstrikes logs out.
    Logs back in with a red bull.
    Gets wiings. Flies out of hole.
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  7. Wings turn to lava.
    You die, good job.
  8. -.-
    *leaves respawn screen open, unclicked*
  9. Respawn screen turns to lava
    You die in limbo, good job.
  10. ~brickstike tried to swim in lava.
  11. Name: Brydon
    EMC Age: Close to 800 days
    Character Appearance: Doctor who skin. Dont know witch of the top of my head.
    Character Name: CowMan18
    Character Age: Nearing 5 years
  12. Lava removes all god modes and hacks and kills you.
    You died, good job.
    you fall onto admins dead body in the lava, you die.
    Good job.
  13. Cover my self in lava so lava won't hurt me.
  14. Name: Jay2a
    EMC Age: 803 days
    Character Appearance: Average person
    Character Name: Jay2a
    Character Age: Old enough
  15. wut
    wut is the point of this
    Name: Choongjae
    EMC Age: 724
    Character Appearance: Thief
    Character Name: Potato God
    Character Age: Infinity
    Paypal Information: email : potatoesarecoolandthisisafakeemail@gmail.Com, password : potatoesarecoolandthisisafakepassword
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  16. *gasps* CowMan! How could you not know that your skin is the Eleventh Doctor?!?! For Shame....
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  17. Name: PlayTehMinecraft
    EMC Age: 333 days :eek:
    Character Appearance: Ezio Auditore da Firenze
    Character Name: JimJam :cool:
    Character Age: 21 (Ezio's age) or 2,190 days old
  18. You both drown in lava.
    You die, good job.
  19. You fall in lava and die
    Good job.
    You fall in lava and become a baked potato, then you burn and die. Good job.
    You swan dive into lava.
    You die, good job.
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  20. *Does an epic double jump before hitting lava* :cool: