[Forum Game] Kill the Witheries

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Which role would you want to be?

I like killing people.- Witherie 7 vote(s) 35.0%
I like mysteries.- Detective 7 vote(s) 35.0%
I want to be normal! :/ -Innocent 3 vote(s) 15.0%
I want to be the only smart person- Doctor 3 vote(s) 15.0%
  1. Kill the Witheries

    This is a spin-off of a game called Mafia(look it up). This is a very complex, but very fun game. I will try to explain to the best ability as possible. This game is in "beta", this game is in testing. Sorry this is so long, but here goes...

    Kill all of the Witheries before they outnumber the innocents.

    INNOCENT-nothing special, find out who is Witherie and kill them
    DETECTIVE- each night, you find out which a role of one person secretly, votes during the day count as two votes.
    WITHERIE-decide and kill ONLY one person each night, don't be killed by the innocents
    DOCTOR- unkillable by Witheries, can only be killed during day, can analyze a body each night, to determine who the person was, and can save people from dying.

    Each player that signs up for this game will receive a role and a place where they are staying. This becomes crucial later on.

    Night Cycle
    This is when the murdering happens ;) Everyone is "asleep" in their homes/place. The witheries decide to kill one player(or two if they are lucky enough), leaving little evidence behind. The witheries will pm me the person they want to kill. The detective can choose a person to investigate and will secretly know that person's role. If players have died(after night/day 1), the doctor can investigate and learn the role of the dead player.

    Day Cycle
    During the day, everyone learns about the murder and decide who killed who. Everyone will communicate(including Witheries) and decide who to execute. But, there's a twist. The people who were in the same building as the murdered player will be eligible for execution. The player with the most votes will be executed, and the game will continue. It will be night again.

    Confused? Here's a sample.
    Sample Game: Brian, Bob, Tony, Bethanie, Laura, Tom, Susan, Peter, Sam, Victoria, Isabella

    (Forgot to add Sam, he is in Walmart)

    During the actual game, you won't know who plays these roles, this is just an example.

    Night 1- The witheries decide to kill Isabella. Tony learns that Tom is innocent.
    Day 1- Isabella's body is found, clues and evidence are revealed, voting starts. Since Laura and Susan were in the same building as Isabella, they will be accused first, but optional people can be voted on.
    EVERYONE votes. Obviously, Witheries wont vote for each other. Total votes are in.
    Susan- 2 Tom- 1 Laura-5 Laura dies. However, people don't know Laura was witherie yet.
    Night 2- Witheries decide to kill Bob. Tony finds out that Victoria is doctor. Victoria examines Laura's body and discovers that she was witherie.
    Day 2- Bob's body is found, clues and evidence revealed, Victoria announces that Laura was a witherie. Then people continue voting and process continues.

    Citizens of a Surviving Town

    1. w0rld_craft3r
    2. GeneralWillikers
    3. Evesthery (INNOCENT)
    4. Goldfish_Cannon
    5. ShyguytheGamer1
    6. fBuilderS
    7. joshrocks78
    8. Gawadrolt

    Player Key:
    Gray-Dead Players
    Color of Role-Discovered Roles(still dead players)

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  2. (seriously, I'm sorry for the long post, I feel like Shel ;))
    1. No alts.
    2. No revealing your role or other's roles. (Only EnderMagic1 can reveal roles)
    3. Keep chat friendly. If you are accusing someone, gather some evidence. :p
    4. Have Fun.

    If the innocents win, each surviving innocent/detective/doctor will earn 5k.
    If the witheries win, the surviving witheries will earn 8k.

    February 27, 2016- Day 1 Begins! :)
    Every 1-2 days will be a night/day cycle.(Except my Spring Break)

    More Help
    Confused still? Post your questions on this thread. If you want to signup, then just sign up.
    I tried to best explain the game. Hope you all have fun!
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  3. I will be singing up!

    [EDIT] Do we have to take part in the poll?
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  4. nah bump
  5. "Old Walmart"
  6. I have played mafia before so sign me up.
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  7. Can I sign up? This sounds like fun! :)
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  8. Oh I am so in :D
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  9. I volunteer as tribute! Take it katnip!

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  10. bump, we will need a minimum of 7 players before the date in order to play.
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  11. Count me in :)
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  12. keen, count me in
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  13. Hahaha ha
    Sign me up
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  14. bump 1.5 days left to enter.
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  15. LAST BUMP!! Don't miss a chance to earn rupees! :)
  16. Night 1... BEGINS!

    In this town, there are only 2 Witheries. Who will die tonight? We shall find out...
    Oh yeah, btw, the questions that you guys answered, the answer was mainly no.
    So, dead players CANNOT vote. :)

    Day 1 begins on February 27, 2016. Good Luck!
    By the way, click on my signature for quick access to the main thread.