[Forum game] Guess whos next!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Marine4121, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. A game i thought of, all you need to do is comment below of who you will think comment after your post if your right, congratulations!
  2. I am gonna have to guess neonkillah
  3. I'll guess Ark.

  4. I guess an EMC member will.
  5. Haro got it, Im guessing he will comment after me.
  6. Wrong

    I'm guessing Haro will now ninja me, or Faithcaster
  7. Meh heh heh... No Haro here. I'm gunna have to guess that Haro 's going to post after me. :p
  8. I won't grant you the satisfaction D:

    Haro, where are you?
  9. Eclipsys shall post next! *Hears Exlipsys running away from thread...*
  10. Lul No. I bet AmusedStew will.
  11. Nah, but I bet you will, or Parker...
  12. You guessed correctly. I am hoping you too will reply after me.
  13. Nope, but my alt will :p
  14. you forgot to guess. I bet your alt's alt will
  15. Would the alts alt be the original? Oh and going out on a limb and saying: Aikar
  16. *uses Aikar mask*
    Rein's other alt
  17. I have two alts :p
    And nope its me Prince...
    EDIT: Prince will be next.
  18. Nope.
    Prince will be next
  19. Nope :3
    Reindeer_ will be next...
  20. Nup.
    Reindeer_ is next.