[FORUM GAME] Finish the sentence

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  1. Out of boredom, I wanted to created a game (it's most likely already on the forums, but why not start fresh? :D ). So basically you add one word per post to make a sentence (and hopefully a whole story ;) )

    Here are the rules:
    1. Post 1 (ONE) word.
    2. Add punctuation to indicate a pause, end of a sentence, etc,.[OPTIONAL]
    3. Wait for at least 2 people to post before you post again.
    4. Sentences must make sense... :p
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  2. Once.
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  3. worm (This again? I hope this won't get as notorious as Stads' one word story thread :D)
  4. magnifying
  5. . One

    Story so far: Once upon a tea, there was a tiny worm who liked to play with magnifiying glasses. One
  6. tut tut tut xD
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  7. Oops, I'm sorry. :p
    I was the first to break the rules of this game. :cool: