[FORUM GAME] Dimensional War

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  1. This is a continuation of the "[FORUM GAME] War Of The Planets" Thread.
    All of us are now under threat from Black Day, and who knows what else. Everyone must band together to save Nebula 001 from the other dimensions!


    Nebula 001
    The "Defence"

    Black Day
    The "Destruction"

    Known Enemies
    -Space Pirates 01 (DESTROYED
    -Space Pirates 02



    To Apply
    simply submit this form.

    If you have on War Of The Planets, you are good to go.
    Planet Name
    Planet Orientation (Magic, Robotics, Organics)
    Why You Should Become The Home Of A Leader* (at least 3 Sentences)

    *Leaders are extremely strong Beings. They are Agent 36, P908, and King Oopli. I, Princebee, am Agent 36, but becoming the home of P908 or King Oopli is possible.

    No Godmode
    No Attacking Planets in Nebula 001
    No Ultra-Destructive Material
    No EMPs
    No Bridges to Other Planets, It's More Dangerous.


    Good Luck! :)
  2. ((PrinceBee Can I play as gargamele until Bricktopia is saved??))
    ((Also Dimention is slept DimenSion
  3. :eek:No bridges! :(
  4. Do the planets from the previous thread have to apply?
  5. If not, then I have official news:
    After wandering through deep space for almost 1,000 years, the citizens of the planet that once was Rhodinia have found a new planet. The planet is named Arevion. The planet has liquid water and plenty of plant and animal life. No species has been found with intelligence comparable to humans, so the rhodinian citizens have now taken the planet as their own. No person except myself knows where it is located
  6. Manatron is close to developing thin plate of DM to cover the whole planet and its moons, but because this is so large, it is fairly easy to penetrate at the moment, scientists are trying to create a few more layers
  7. Cryptum is having difficulty creating a connection with the new information board. Expected full connection in a few hours.
  8. Ok, I'm wondering since it says "No super-destructive materials" if adminium is allowed. Potencia's military is right now devoting itself to identify the enemies in our universe right now.
    Here is our list:
    1. Black Day pirates (partially destroyed)
    2. Manatron-assaulting pirates (homeworld unknown)
    3. Rogue mercenaries
  9. Connection established...
    Cryptum would like to be on friendly terms with all player controlled planets, sending ambassadors to all planets.

    EDIT: Scratch that, I just read that we are already a team. Derp.
  10. All members of Nebula 001 know where all planets are located. Also, it's only 6821 :p
  11. 1. Nerp
    2. Thanks spell check :rolleyes:
  12. What but Bricktopia is still in slip space and Gargamele is running loose. Reread the pages you missed on the old thread.
  13. The Citidel pulls Bricktopia out of slip space with an Ultra-Strong tractor beam.
  14. Wut. Gargamele is dead. He got hit with a Falchion. No one can survive a 4 ton spaceship hitting them at 5,000 kilometers an hour. NO ONE.
  15. Oh okay :p
  16. The driver of the Falchion is brought to court for a hit-and-run. ((JK))
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  18. ((Am I allowed to join? I participated in the beginning of War of the Planets, but fell out of it.))