[FORUM GAME] Crab Wars

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  1. This forum game I made up IRL about crabs and I will need two people to help, they will be the players and I will be the banker/shopkeeper
    How To Play
    1.you will be told through out the forum what happens and what is bought what crabs you have and other cool stuff
    2.you will be started off with 25,000 rocks (that's the currency) to buy your crab or you can watch the crabs battle it out and claim the winner (the loser gets tossed in to the ocean) for more money but it has a better win rate.
    3.you can sell stuff to me (crab emporium) depending on the size/shape/style/color.
    4.train and catch your crabs you start out with a row boat and a rusty crab pot and it cost at least 8,000 rocks to up grade and the boat is 15,000 rocks as a speed boat and so on.
    5.the bigger the crab the bigger the money and the bigger the money you can save your crab it cost 50,000 rocks-200,000 rocks and it doesn't get tossed over the edge of the dock
    6.tournaments are away to get money and you start out as a crabber then a local champion then a city champ, state champ, continent champ, and finally world champ you have a different bonus pay.

    So I hope you guys will like this and have fun
  2. So, how should I start?
  3. We'll just wait till another joins but you start the tutorial *shows 607 how to play* welcome and pick your crab or watch them battle it out and choose the winner for more money but high win rate!!