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Minecraft 2?

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I made a thread like this a while back, and I gonna make some changes.

    Continue the story above you!
    Keep It Appropriate!
    It has to be at least 5 words long and at most 4 sentences long.

    Example: EvilToade: There once lived a Toade. ...A green toade.

    Aikar: And the green toade grew up to become a blue toade.

    Krysyy: And the toade, now blue, became a dentist. He operated on many patients.


    What crazy scenarios can you people come up with?
    Make sure to keep your story extension appropriate and follow EMC rules. Thanks!

    I will let the first person to post below make the first story scenario!
  2. My favorite type of sandwich is ...
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  3. dang this thread is old and never got used..

    Peanut butter and jelly due to ...
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  4. the exquisite burst of flavor. I like to drink ...
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  5. faygo because someone always takes my mountain dew out of the microwave. The person who took it out this time was ...

    (<3 you if u get this reference) :rolleyes:
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  6. My arch nemesis! That fiend is trying to ruin my lunch once more!
  7. So I tricked everyone and hid a spare because I knew I'd be thirsty, but then....