[Forum Game] All for Anarchy S3: Gone but Not Forgotten

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  1. Following the events than unfolded in the Hunger Games x All for Anarchy crossover, Comander has resumed his position of the Ruler of EMC, and has ordered the execution of all participants from the Hunger Games. After hearing the news, players worked together to gather materials to make their way to the Nether, one of the two places that weren't affected by the Nuclear TNT. Eventually, word reaches out to Comander, who orders a raid on the Nether. After constructing a Nether Arena and capturing those involved in the escape, he's ready to let the chaos begin...one...more...time...
    Are you in?

    So same rules as last AfA, and if you're new all you need to do is sign up. NO biographies will be written this time around, as they are too time consuming. 32 Participants are needed in order for the games to start. 2 Players will fight each other and proceed to the next round. The matches for the first AfA are shown here:
    Players will be randomized once the 32 slots are filled and will then be put into a roster like the one shown above. As for the winners of each round, those are also randomized, so its completely fair. As with my previous AfA entry, I will write a paragraph or two detailing how the player won the match, accompanied by a piece of the storyline, which will hopefully conclude the All for Anarchy story....hopefully

    Prize for 1st Place is 50k!

    Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!
  2. yes please
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  3. Yes, I sure am.~
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  4. Well, I guess If I don't actually have to do anything, then I'm in. lol xD
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  5. Hmmm Give me a sec... Do I want to join AfA?? Good question.........

    YES of course that's not a question
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  6. Put me in lord
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  7. Can I join? :D
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  8. woot! sure!
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  9. Bump! 22 slots available
  10. How could I not? Count Me in :)
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  11. *Switches to Anarchy Client* Okay, I'm ready! >:)
    Wait... not that kind of anarchy..? Awww... :confused:
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  12. I'd like to join!
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  13. Ehh sure I will give it another go
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  14. bump, I forgot about this