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Can we have a /forum command?

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Yes 13 vote(s) 68.4%
No 2 vote(s) 10.5%
Don't care 2 vote(s) 10.5%
Maybe 2 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. Today i was on smp2, and thought omg, It would be awesome if there was a /forum command, it would pop up a link and take you to the empire forums, Automatically log in as you, Because yourself just did it!
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  2. Hm, great idea, but what if someone's playing on your account(ahem. Kenzie.)? That'd be a bit dangerous. Maybe have a security pass?
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  3. Yeah, That would be cool. :) But that may be an issue, I no longer let anyone play on my account, maybe everytime you do it a thing could pop up and make it say "Do you share your computer? You could loose items and may get griefed" Or something like that
  4. Yep, just like Club Penguin does XD
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  5. I recommended this a while ago, I believe it was approved?
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  6. AwesomeBuilder33, I don't think it was, as of there is'nt a command for it.
  7. I think this may be an issue. Some people's accounts get hacked, or they are shared so there would be no security for the forums. The forums is like a lifeline for those who have been hacked, and if their forums account gets compromised, there is no other way to save what they once had unless they buy a new account.
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  8. Idk?
  9. I like this idea and support it.

    As to security concerns: basically the same can be said about the /wiki command, and that one already exists. Also note that normally your Minecraft account doesn't use the same password as the forum has. Unless of course you set it that way, but if you did then I think that's more of a security hazard than a /forum command. In which case I also can't wonder if you use that same password for Twitter and Facebook too? Because that would be another main problem here, not having a command to show the forum link.

    SO yah, as someone who actually types out http://forum.emc.gs several times I really think this would be very helpful. Good suggestion!
  10. The /wiki command isn't on EMC?

    Also, I recommended a /wiki command not /forum, sorry for the confusion.
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  11. Whoops :oops: That's what I get for being hasty; I saw a link to the wiki and assumed it worked ;)

    Even so; the argument somewhat stands because every non-existing command tells you to go to http://wiki.emc.gs/. But the same applies to commands such as /vote and /rules. All these commands send you to a wiki page, but the wiki is part of the forums. And if you're already logged on then the same thing applies. So adding a command such as /forum or /wiki sounds like a very good idea to me.
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  12. its just emc.gs

    not too hard to type :p

    This is doable with Macro Mod, it could say something in chat only local to your account, so youd see it but others wont, to send you the link
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  13. Here's what I did with Lightning NewTab for Chrome:

    Fancy little button with the EMC logo on it. It's much easier than typing forums.emc.gs over and over. :)
  14. "Contributor stu..." hmm..
  15. Btw, on the topic of this thread, whenever I type e into my search bar, I just press enter.
    Empireminecraft.com is by far my most viewed website :p
  16. I understand that it would be easier, but it's not exactly the hardest thing to minimise minecraft, open your browser and go to the website. I'm the same as AwesomeBuilder33, I just type e and push enter. For me, this is a pointless command, but that's just me :p.
  17. -1 from me. This pretty much exists in the Empire Assistant. By typing /assist you'll get the assistant menu, and clicking the bottom right button will put three links into chat: Home page, wiki, and forums.
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  18. True. However, its also fair to say that all the other options in the /assist have associated commands to them except this one.

    So maybe this could be extended into some kind of "/sites" command which shows those three URL's.

    It would make the assistant more consistent :)
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  19. ikr! I think this is a +1 and a -1....
    +1 = This could be a very easy way to access the forums....especially for new players who don't know about the forums....

    -1 = Along with what Penguin said, /assist brings up the links to the EMC forums.

    I think if this became a new command, you should at least have to type your password unless you have it as "remember me" just to make sure there are no hacks :p
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  20. Yea, like chocolate says, just make a remember me. That will work if it's a private computer.