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  1. So, recently I have been thinking that there should be a way to have something similar to Group Chat on the forums. There are some things just to trivial to clutter up someone's inbox with a private message, yet you may not want anybody else to know. Say you have a question on how much they would sell you a Turkey Slicer for, but you didn't want anyone to know you had it so you could give it in a giveaway as a surprise item. Or say you needed to quickly discuss something with people online. It would pretty much function the same as group chat ingame. Anyway, that's just what I think. Feel free to let me know what you all think!
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  2. + 1 Demon Support
  3. You could use our IRC, you can PM to people on there I think.
  4. Maybe something like this? Looks good to me :)
  5. So, what's the con about the personal messages like they are now?
  6. Well, for one thing many things are too unimportant to be worth cluttering up an inbox for; also, if you want an answer right away, people might think that they could answer a forum chat question real quick whereas they might not answer a private message right away, as private messages are often associated with longer things. Remember, this is just an idea. It also does make it easier to have a quick conversation back in forth, which can be but is not usually done in a private message. Also a matter of convenience; if you only want to ask a quick question, then what would you rather do, go to inbox, compose and message, and hit submit, or just quickly type a question into a side widget? Saves only a few seconds, but time can be valuable.
  7. Well, I don't see why it'd be needed, since right now it seems pretty good with the PM's and the group chat ingame. Maybe in the future, but I'd rather not have a 'shout box' widget, until there is way to talk to one person and not everyone on the server (aka like a friends list)
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  8. We would really like to see more people on IRC :) IRC is something you can download a client for and keep it running, thats what all of the staff does!

    But you can also make your own channels on EMC, simply type /join #somechannelname and that will make your own room.