Forum and server Lul.

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  1. The servers have been really quiet chat wise lately. Forums are a little slow, I'm used to refreshing and getting 2 alerts each time (every 2-3 seconds)New threads and comments are really slow. Why is this?
  2. The quiet before the storm, once the reset of the wildernesses begin the site will be a buzz again. :p
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  3. It's Sunday, some people do stuff other than this.
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  4. I think its great the chat is not over busy in-game. You also have to remember a lot of people are in the wilderness taking advantage of the reset perks (like vault).
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  5. (or free eggification) i have saw tons of guys saying: 'Eggs mega-market, come now!' this will save them (us) thousands of ruppees xD
  6. Yeah i agree with MEIN, servers have been a lot quiet, i almost got rage with servers being 60/60 all the time, but i got surprizes after 1.2 update...
    i ussually got like 14 alerts or so each hour, not i get like 8-10 per day...
    We should totally go agressive on publicity for the servers... (not offensive or something like that, just get loads more of publicity)
  7. Not sunday, but like for the past few days its been like this.

  8. It's also weird when i see "last reply by copherfield" on almost all the active threads...
  9. You dont get to be a "Well-known Member" without this happening occasionally. :p
  10. LOL :p it's true but yet again, there was like hundreds of posts and thread each day, not i see like 10-20 new posts each day :(
    Empire minecraft should totally start a huge publicity campaign, i'm 100% on it :p
  11. I've been busy playing The Old Republic to post much.
  12. I will go ahead and thank God for that Old Republic game you talk about. xD

  13. Anyhoo, who likes my new sig? Bretskiii found it for me :D Thanks bret!
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  14. all i hear when i see that gif is "everday im shufflin"
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  15. lol i love how random u r

    i gotta admit u have the best sig ive seen
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  16. Honestly the lag has just been too much for me lately... I can't get on for ten minutes without my game getting frozen or getting dropped from the server. I really wanted to use some of my mob farms and stock up on drops before the reset, but even when I can get on the lag makes my mob traps completely worthless. :( I am just waiting for the reset now and hoping that lag will be better after that.
  17. I agree you with Nurgles. It's just terrible when you're trying to break blocks and they keep returning, and then the whole game freezes up. Sometimes when I'm on a server, I'll crash multiple times in a short period. It sucks :( I think that is contributing to the server lul lately. To be honest, I thought the servers would be very busy lately with the new server and people gathering their bits before the world resets.
    For the forums.. well, the stop to forum auctions will have slowed the website traffic significantly.. but I'm not sure why other postings have dropped so much. But yeah, I know how you're feeling Meincravta..
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  18. maybe im just getting lucky, but the lag hasnt been all that bad for me, could be because im like 15k blocks out from spawn in the wild though lol.
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