Formal request for buildings and a fine system

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Which building would you like to see?

Courthouse 2 vote(s) 8.3%
Zoo 3 vote(s) 12.5%
Themepark 2 vote(s) 8.3%
Prison 3 vote(s) 12.5%
Cityhall 5 vote(s) 20.8%
Dragon Pen 5 vote(s) 20.8%
Barracks 4 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. I've seen Justinguy building the Empire Castle, is that the name? And there are a graveyard and a park. How about a Courthouse, a theme park (with rollercoaster), a zoo, a prison, an Empire Cityhall, Barracks (For staff of course) and a dragon pen?
    These are just ideas for buildings I would like to see as attractions in the different SMPs. Also I heard that a system to move from server to server ingame was being worked on, is it true? If it is a station in each server would be cool.

    Edit: deleted a previous request for a fine system, mayority spoke. Also the themepark is already built in SMP 3 type /fun and enjoy.
  2. Theme Park's been done. We spent a long time making one. It's on SMP3. Just type /fun. :)
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  3. Can that be added to the server's page?
  4. "fine" system...uhgg, please NO. You would in essence be making the punishment LESS severe and making breaking the rules MORE appealing. If people knew they could come back after a "fine" then they would be more likely to commit the "crime". "Oh, I'll just pay the fine......IF they catch me." yeah, no thanks. Its a creative idea, but I for one think it would hurt us more then benefit us.
  5. I dont know many people that continually commit crimes because they'll "just pay the fine" That is like saying I am going to pay ten bucks to use a mod for five minutes or less. If someone chooses to do that then they are very stupid and will get permantly banned next time they do it. Ten free dollars for EMC. I see no drawback. It is not really less severe if anything it is more, if someone is not a supported now they are paying for access. And if you are a supporter the you are bound to lose all your investment.
  6. You dont know many people that commit crimes because they'll just pay the fine? I'm not sure where you live, but it must not be the US, because if you have ever driven on the freeway you've seen everyone speeding over the speed limit, few wearing their seatbelts, and people in the carpool lane alone.. all laws punishable by FINES and laws that are commonly broken. Anyways, more on topic, YES, it is EXACTLY like saying I am going to pay 10 bucks to MAYBE get caught or MAYBE not, your right, you would have to be stupid to use a hack that can get you banned, but look how many people do it now! And you want to lessen the degree of punishment? You're basically saying that you want to give everyone 1,2 or 3(!!!) get out of jail free cards! How is that NOT a bad idea? You dont see a "drawback"? Is a massive increase in cheating, greifing, and over all rule breaking not a "drawback" in your eyes? The ban appeal process allows people to state their case and explain why they should be given another chance, and if it's a valid appeal, then they get to come back. We should by no means give everyone a gauranteed approved ban appeal by implementing "fines". I truly can not fathom how you dont see this as a bad idea....
  7. First of relax a little, second 2 pay to get out of jail cards, not free. If you would get banned a second time for the same offense, lets say using illegal mods there is no return, so really is a one time return.

    I do live in the US and the system does work, it helps pay for our corrupt government, but that is another topic. Most people when caught may continue doing the crime but there is always a way back, in this system I am proposing there is limit. No I dont see a drawback to getting more money for EMC. A griefer would be on watch, how about that? You come back and now you are not trusted and constantly on watch, how does that add to problems? Really do you even process thoughts before replying? Think about it for a minute. Relax and think. Breath. and then respond with a valid argument please.
    Edit: I welcome criticism but you are just raging. You are simply refusing an idea without properly investigating all outcomes. You just think it will not work therefore attack it. If it doesnt work it can always be stopped. It is only an idea. Relax. And by the way it is up to the staff to accept a fine, if they believe that someone will continue to cause trouble they can deny it.
  8. ยด

    You can actually get unbanned if you make a "good" ban appeal. How i know this? Well, i got a kid banned (he was under 13aswell) he used illegal mods. He got permanently banned but few days after i saw him again, he got unbanned :) So uhm there is ways to get back on EMC. Some staff on here pardon' there player if she/he make a really "good" ban appeal =P
  9. And with a fine system they would think twice before doing it. Getting pardoned would bring in some cash. Its what I am saying. Anyway I would love a caged enderdragon, maybe different colored ones
  10. So, what your saying is, I can steal cake from the store, and then pay $20 and be able to come back and steal more?

    That's not how the world works. This is a game, not court. We cannot charge money just to give you the right to play here while others can play here for free.
  11. Lol, it is kind of like being a supporter. You are paying to play are you not? To gain some privileges right? Is the exact same idea. Oh and if you steal cake and then pay $20 to steal another one you will lose the cake and the $20. And you lost the right to play for free when you violated the rules, right or wrong?
  12. No, being a supporter is not like paying to play. It's like giving your own money to a server you highly enjoy to have the money used for improving upon the server. I did not donate for personal gain, I donated for the community.
  13. with a fine system they could be some utter idiot, not know about the rules in the first place, and just pay the fine and get out of it because he can. If i could go out and PVP somebody and pay to get out of jail, I might. If i immediately would be banned unless i have a REALLY good speaking voice, I wouldnt
    Your giving rule breakers the benefit of the doubt. Don't do that. People will pay to break rules, trust me. A fine system Will NEVER work.
  14. So you dont get anything for being a supporter then? I think you do. Most Supporters pay for personal gain. Honestly I upgraded from gold for the residences. Otherwise I would still be a gold supporter. And yes I became a supporter because of how much I like EMC.
  15. PvP would not be finable it is murder, like I said before murder is not forgivable. And the fine would not be automatic they would have to state their case. Does anyone read or just assume they know what I said?
  16. Calm down? Lol, I love how people say that to try and make the person who gave a conflicting point of view appear to be angry or emotional. Nothing I said indicated I am anyhing but calm. And I have provided a "valid argument" (nice meme use there) respectfully and clearly. You on the other hand seem a little bit emotional as you have decided to be rude by suggesting I am raging, haven't thought through my post, and for some reason you seem to think I am having trouble breathing even though you are reading my words through a computer screen. No one is raging, and Im sorry if my comments (that were very valid and well thought out) have put you on the defense, which they clearly have. I invite you to read my first post again and pay close attention to the last part where I respectfully said "its a creative idea".

    You my friend have to learn how to take criticism and not take it personal when someone has an opposing view point. I'm going to cease posting on the thread to not throw gasoline on what appears to be a small brush fire that is starting here, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could just continue your post without making any more negative and argumentative comments towards me.

    Thank you.
  17. I did not say we don't get anything as supporters. I am saying it does not relate to this.
  18. Really? Not emotional? I am not saying that you are raging because you oppose my idea, but that quote is in an angry way. Many others here have opposed it also, am I saying they are raging? You are an emotional person and that is fine but your comments are not exactly calm. I was not trying to be "negative" or unpolite towards you I was telling you the way I saw things. I apologize if I have insulted you in any way. and I was referring to your first post when I said make a valid argument. I will edit the post to eliminate that part if more people reject the idea.
    What meme by the way?
  19. No, but you again were rude to someone else for having a different view point.
    You cannot assume that someone is angry just because of you think you sense it in their written tone. I was not all. I was trying to convey surprise at your comments, which if I had to say I had an emotional response to your post, it would be surprise. Either way, a few others have also shown that they too dont think its a good idea.
    Ive politely asked you NOT to continue to direct comments at me, yet you have. If it is simply the need to have the last word, by all means, please have the last word. I will not post again unless I have to defend myself to another rude comment directed at me.
  20. Well all I can say before leaving for work is that I never meant to start a flame war. Sorry. I asked and most people dont think I was being rude. Simply frustrated, I never aimed that comment at him. I have to leave but can anyone ask a mod to delete this thread as it has gone far from were it was intended? Also directing comments at someone is only part of a conversation you cannot say that you are not angry when you say that. Relax, I'll say it again relax. Also I have no idea what you meant with what you meant here:
    It is not a meme. Google it at least. And yes I am angry now. At your absurdity.