~Formal Farewell~

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  1. Hi, I'm shadow_bunny13 and I'm a Minecraft addict...
    Only, I'm not really...
    Multiple things in the real world has prevented me from enjoying this game like I used to, and more importantly, this community and chain of servers (mostly of which smp2 :p ).
    And these things, from the real world, have taken quite a toll on my time here on Empire Minecraft...

    I used to be a fairly active member, who would play regularly, at least every 2-3 days, and I've been here for well-over 2 years, (kinda a weird way to spend my 800th day as part of EMC, huh?)
    I'd hop on and get some work done on one of the many projects I have started in my time here (none of which I have ever managed to complete).
    The most recent project being a joined effort from sideshowallie, who has worked just as, if not, harder than I have to push this project along (which you can check out here ). Sadly, you will no longer be able to see this project in game as I have spent a lot of time distanced from this community, and servers, and thus, lost my residences...

    Funny story actually, sideshowallie, (who is a great friend in the real world too, btw) paid for my gold supporter here when I couldn't, so we could work together on our "Fantasy Fortress" idea as smoothly as possible, and I paid him back with real (paper) money for doing so for me...

    With this new found power (of gold xD) I was able to claim my second residence, which really helped with the progress of what would be my final project here...
    I was also able to use Utopia to its fullest, of which I spent all the time AFKing overnight, or while I was at school at an Iron farm somewhere in the End. And eventually, sideshowallie and I took turns AFKing at 'said place' and gathered up a butt load of iron, (which I'm still not sure what we're going to do with).

    Anyway, I completely forgot that I had to cancel my Supporter/Subscription thingy about 4 or 5 months ago, and only just realised now that my residences were not protected, like I thought they were, and due to my inactivity, have lost them.

    As you could probably guess, I don't really have a lot of motivation to do anything on any Minecraft servers or communities now, and as much as I'd like to still be a part of this wonderful community, I can't...

    It has been an amazing experience being a part of Empire Minecraft, and I'd like to thank everyone who ever complimented me or my work here, offered help, or just criticism and advice, anybody who greeted me when I first joined, all the staff members for just being some of the greatest Minecraft server staff members ever... And especially sideshowallie, (but I'll thank him later in person)

    Keep up the great work everybody, and let the Empire live on!

    ~Goodbye, Bunny~
  2. Hi, (or bye as the case may be)....

    Our paths never crossed, but I guess real life gets in the way sometimes. You never know, one day we may see you gracing the severs once again, and we all wish you well wherever life takes you.

    Keep safe :)
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  3. Sorry to hear that you lost your resses. It is a tough thing to over come. Be sure to take care of stuff in real life first, and everything else will fall in line. Sometimes things get busy for me too (I am currently going thru one of these times in my life also, and on top of that I am pulling teeth to get the internet installed at the place I am at), but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things very shortly.

    Remember, sometimes its good to start fresh. I would be really saddened if I lost everything I have gathered over the time I have been here, however every time I get knocked down, I always manage to come back twice as strong. Good thing is that you may still be able to claim two resses (do /res to see how many resses you can claim).

    If you do decide to start fresh, send me a private convo, or come find me and I can at least offer some armor and tools from my personal stash I have made over my time here.

    Good luck with things happening in your life, I hope things work out well for you. Just remember that rough times do not last forever, especially with some hard work and planning.
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  4. We will miss you