ForeverMaster's Default and EMC Resource Packs

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  1. ForeverMaster's Default

    *Last Updated: 17 April 2020

    FM Default is a game-enhancing texture and resource pack for Minecraft. It and its Optifine add-on builds off of the official “New Default” textures by Mojang and Jasper ‘JAPPA’ Boerstra.

    The FM Optifine Add-On is a supplementary resource pack to FM Default that takes advantage of the features provided by the popular Optifine mod. When Optifine is installed, this expansion pack distinguishes enchanted books by one of their enchantments and adds connected textures, custom overlay textures, and more.

    Empire Minecraft Resource Pack (Unofficial)
    Also with the power of Optifine, it is possible to make a working resource pack for specifically the Empire Minecraft SMP servers!
    This EMC pack is still in its Beta phase. It has most of the groundwork needed to support custom textures and item models for the empire’s custom-coded features. The art assets themselves still need to be done though.
    YOU can help by submitting your files and ideas to me on Discord (ForeverMaster#5167)!

    * The Magnificent colors...

    * There's no way to make blazes ignite in blue/soul fire independently.

    Download Links
    Updated 4/17/2020

    For Minecraft 1.15:
    FM Default (Alt.)
    FM Optifine Add-On (Alt.)
    EMC Beta (Alt.) (WIP)

    Minecraft 1.12:
    FM Default (Alt.)
    FM Optifine Add-On (Alt.)

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  2. Looks good! Is this based off the 1.14 textures? If so I can't wait to download it. I have no luck with optifine, or any mod D: tho so...
  3. This is so cool
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  4. Yes. The "New Default" textures are indeed present in 1.14 - Village and Pillage snapshots.

    New Default = New Textures = JAPPA Textures = 1.14 Textures
  5. That’s amazing! I love it! Totally gonna Dowlowed it
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  6. The screenshots look pretty good, but when I load it in game the textures seem to be only 16x16. Is that right or could I have something setup wrong?
  7. I have a question, I have a few resource packs in right now and when we get to 1.14 or whenever the original textures change, will they change for me too? If so is there any way to make them not.
  8. No, 16x16 is the texture resolution for the pack, just like the old programmer art.
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  9. Yes? The old, "Programmer Art" is available as a built-in texture pack in 1.14 snapshots.
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  10. I like it a lot and will use it on occasion. Wish it was an HD pack though. Thanks.
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  11. A new update to the Empire MC pack has this cat skin from 1.14 - Village and Pillage working for Sorgina's minions... If you encounter the field boss, please fight her with my EMC resource pack active. Is she summoning black 'Halloween' cats like the one below?

    and it works!

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  12. Cool. :) If I'd play for more than 30 minutes a month I would probably install this... ;)
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  13. EMC resource pack screenshots added.

    For EMC's custom mobs, I'm thinking of making enraged mobs palette swaps of their Vanilla counterparts while bosses and their guardians will have a more distinct look to them. For now, Momentus: the Giant is a zombie with higher resolution details.
  14. Bump.
    Enraged zombie pigman texture added to EMC pack.
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  15. Very nice. But how did you get those villagers and zombie villagers to line up so nicely for you?
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  17. I tried changing a few custom GUIs the Empire has, but I could not get them to work.

    If the vault and disposal interfaces are basically renamed chests without italics, what NBT String parameter do I need Optifine to check?

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