Forever Mall

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  1. Forever Mall

    By: Byeforever and 12info

    Address: 11384 (SMP5); also accessible with "/v +cmall"

    1st Floor

    Red: Mob Drops
    Light Blue: Plants
    Lime: Wood Products
    Yellow: Building Blocks

    2nd Floor

    Orange: Ores, Nether, and End
    Magenta: Gear and Utilities
    Green: Misc. and Enchanted Items
    Blue: Redstone Supplies and Transportation

    3rd Floor - Bulk Stocks

    2015 Forever Company
  2. I read that as "Forever Mail". Oops. :confused:
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  3. I think what happened was that your brain interpreted the first l in mall as an i. Cases like what you had happen to almost everybody. The connection between your eyes and brain works like a graphical render on a computer. They start with the most basic parts and then overtime distinguish all of the details.
    In order for you to tell that a l is actually an i, the brain needs time to define the details from the light that's shining into the eyes, such as seeing the the top dot in a lowercase i, instead of a straight line which in writing is usually a lowercase l.

    *I'm not intending my explanation above to go off-topic. All I wanted to do is explain what likely caused you to read "mall" as "mail".:cool:
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  4. Lol me too
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  5. Look pretty nice. Might stop by when I have time.
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