Forever Co. Cactus Farm (SMP5)

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  1. Hello EMC.
    Me, Byeforever, and 12info have made a cactus farm on SMP5 for all of you, players. You may take however much cacti you want from the public chest.

    Here's some information about this cacti farm.

    Server: SMP5
    Residence: 12info-2 (11387)

    Production Rate: 240+ Cacti/Hour

    *Side Note: Free cacti is also available at our Desert Skeleton Farm.

    ' 2015 Forever Company '
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  2. The second level of the public farm has been added (sugarcane) and the final level will be melons and pumpkins hopefully out tomorrow!

    I would also like to thank everyone who has been a part of the team because every part counts (even if it is one block or 1000 blocks)

    PLEASE only take what you need due to production time

    Thank you,
  3. ..or redstoning and accidentally removing a block from the floor and falling through to the cactus..:D
  4. I would like to know who could help with the final layer as it may be the hardest (not the building shell) but the machinery so if you can please pm me in game to get your redstone on and we will probably be joined by thakloned and dektirok for the final project thank you guys!!