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sould there be an "as is" force-claim option? (please read thread first)

absolutly yes! 2 vote(s) 6.3%
yes 4 vote(s) 12.5%
sure 3 vote(s) 9.4%
I dont think so 0 vote(s) 0.0%
no 11 vote(s) 34.4%
Why would you even consider that!? 12 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. I have always thought it would be cool to buy residences form people or to gain resources form ones that were about to reset. When the force-claim option came out I had a great idea. What if there was an "as is" force-claim option? The way I see it, a player could type "/res forceclaim asis" (force-claim as is) to claim the residence with the existing buildings on it. This would cost the player 7500r but they would have 14 days to take what they wanted from the residence before it automatically reset (this would ensure a player wouldn't take credit for a build or have an ugly, greefed residence for a long time). After the reset the player would still have the residence if they wanted to keep it, but it would be again a flat plot like the currant force-claim option.

    EDIT: I see what you are saying so I have a solution. If a player could only use this option once a month, this would not be so much of a problem. AND/OR the option could only be used if the residence had been derelict for a certain time, say a month or 14 days. Also, If this was a supporter only option, a lot less residences would be destroyed and supporters couldn't use there ats.

    What do you think Empire? Please answer the poll above to tell me!
  2. this would cause people constantly searching for derelict residences that have many valuable things on it and claiming them to get the materials causing that player to lose all their work
  3. no? why not? That way you could have greefing parties without having something to greef. Also, if a residence is going to be reset anyway, why not gain resources from it? EDIT: sorry i haven't refreshed the page wen I posted this.
  4. the ability to keep the resources would make players WANT to destroy built up reses the fact that you can't keep the resources makes it so people don't go around making money by destroying everything, currently the only reason people claim others reses is if those reses are close to spawn (or verry old and out of stock)
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  5. I don't think it's fair for a player to get everything from the residence, as Champ4now said, people will just go looking for derelict residences with good stuff in them, instead of getting their own things.
  6. it encourages players to take down fantastic builds for their resources so no, as it is people have had their reses claimed solely because of their location this would make it worse
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  7. even with my edit? With my edit only residences that were really long derelict, like a lot near me, would be hammed. besides it would cost a payer several thousand rupees to do so.
  8. Well, if this were to be implemented, maybe it should cost somewhere around 50k instead of 5k...
  9. even with your edit, you are basically encouraging stealing from a player that put in alot of work.
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  10. even if its only once a month there aren't many big built up reses so all derelict reses would still be calimed instantly and just one res is enough to supply an army or company
  11. no like 500k
    then it wouldnt be worth it for the resources cause youre rich already, would make it where people only wanted it to improve the res
  12. give me some to type my opinion okay finn the ninja boy :p
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  13. True, true. :p I would never use this, so I won't be hurt if this wouldn't be implemented >.>
  14. well, the way i see it it would be only players that have been gone a really long time, that may never come back. There are very few of those anyway, and even fewer that have any resources worth taking. Besides, a player wouldnt care if they lost there stuff if they never played again. and eek 50k? 500k?
  15. ok, for example, there's a guy next to me that hasn't been on for like 6 months and all he has is a stone tower with a pillar of gold in it.
  16. Another idea just hit me. If this was a supporter only option, a lot less residences would be destroyed and supporters couldn't use there ats.
  17. supporters would know exactly what reses to steal from and how to sell the items at a high price (not all supporters are good guys or gals actually most of them have an evil secret thats so evil it would be a reason to ban them)
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  18. Force claim in it's self is a horrible idea, a friend of mine had months of work destroyed on a residence next to SMP6 spawn because the person wanted it next to spawn, adding this would make it even worse, no support.
  19. You should have to work for your res, not claim one. The simple answer is no, said by the staff many times.
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