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  1. I just have one simple request today. Could we please keep the memes in suggestion/question threads to a minimum and constructive responses to a maximum? I really do not like (and I assume others too) seeing "How about no" memes on threads of people who have a perfectly fine suggestion, and also of those who have a question they would like answered.

    How about we swap these memes with actual constructive answers and reasoning? I am sure that the people who post the questions/suggestions post them looking for a serious answer in return. If the topic has been addressed before, try and find the thread in which it was and post it to them. Or simply answer the question. Many of the newer members may not know that the question they have asked has been answered multiple times, and that is fine. We can explain to them to search the forums first before posting, as well as answering their question. Two birds with one stone kind of situation.

    I believe these memes and nonsense answers are partially causing the flame wars and hostility on the forums at the moment. I've noticed it, other people have noticed it. Let's do our best to keep it (the hostility) to a minimum, especially with new players. I see it as.. we want EMC to continue to grow, but if we scare all the new members away with rudeness and sarcasm, where will we end up? If we teach them that this hostile manner is a fine way to act in the Empire, then how will they act later on? Kill it now, before it begins to spread further.

    So can we do this EMC? Please.

    Thank you for reading. :)

    Sidenote: If anyone responds with memes in this thread, I will likely not be impressed. If anyone responds with that silly "How about no" panda, I will definitely be not impressed and I will be speaking to moderators to get it removed or something along these lines. EMC is a fun environment and community, not a hostile one. Only good vibes and reasonable debates allowed.
  2. How bout yes? I totally agree I freakin hate those things!
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  3. Thank you for agreeing.

    I might bump this a couple of times over the course of the day so it doesn't get lost. I would like a lot of people to see it.
  4. +1 to Hayley.

    Nothing else to say, I think you've said everything. :)
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  5. Memes are fun, we like fun, DONT TAKE AWAY OUR FUN!!!
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  6. Serious threads are serious, we like seriousness, DONT TAKE AWAY OUR SERIOUSNESS!!!!
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  7. You know things are gonna get bad when Hayleycolgan asks people not to post memes everywhere.
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  8. I do like memes but I only post them when I think the thread isn't serious.
  9. I didn't say you couldn't post them at all. I said to not post them when you could reply with a constructive response. Please try and read and understand my posts. I tried my best to word it simply.
  10. Permission to post an appropriate meme?
  11. Permission granted.. Do not disappoint me.
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  12. Awesome.
  13. I find memes fine, and why should this or minecraft have to be serious? I mean it's a game based on a man made of blocks who kills skeletons and green creatures for a living, and who has to punch trees to get anywhere at all. Not being rude, but why should minecraft have to be so serious at all? The only things that should not be allowed is racism, sexism, and being horrible to eachother, apart from that, go nuts?! #YOLO
  14. I think memes sucks.
  15. A.jpg
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  16. And that is your opinion. But it is not minecraft which is serious, but the community involved that I am speaking of and I am not saying we always have to be serious. I'm asking that we give those who ask questions/give suggestions the proper responses they deserve.

    Also, #YOLO. I honestly don't know why I bothered giving you a dignified response when you ended yours with that. I like a good meme, I'm all for them in the right context. However, I despise YOLO. If you're going to say something like that, why don't you say Carpe Diem instead? I could just be a part of an older generation though, so.. whatever floats your boat.
  17. Time to make a
    How about yes fox.
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  18. I was totally fine with this post, then I saw YOLO. -shivers-
  19. Well, just for you Hayley, I approve. Edit: It won't show up so just click the link.
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