For those of you who don't know what the north pole is...

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  1. I was derping around on smp1 when I was told by a player something cool would happen if you did "/res unstuck" in the admin lounge. As a professional noob for a living i had no idea about "the north pole" and thought it was the coolest thing ever. If you haven't seen it, buy a night vision potion, go to the admin lounge, do /res unstuck then drink it. After all of that go to the center of the res.


    P.S. Loaf is my nickname.
  2. You found the North Pole storage area, i moved it down to bedrock to store it until next xmas. :p
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  3. Not to be a total n00b, but since I don't live on smp1, I've never been to the Admin do I get there?

    EDIT: Found it, I'd been there before and forgotten :p
  4. Go to JustinGuys lot on smp1, delve into its depths and you may find it. :p

    There is another way, but this is more fun. :)
  5. Speaking of which, I have an idea of what we could do this year. I'll PM you later as the day gets closer.
  6. lol i found it im standing in front of u :p