For the love of lava walls and economics, I declare an AMA.

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  1. Quality questions are encouraged. Ask what is in the public interest to be known.
    I shall try to give a quality answer to each question.
    A large quantity of questions may hinder this, however. Take note, or you are susceptible to JackBiggin throwing a Maxarias at you, as that's the kind of thing he'd do.
    If you are IcecreamCow and you wish to ask a question, you must apologise for saying in that other thread that lava walls don't belong anywhere. That really hurt my feelings and was totally unfair. I thought you were better than that.

    Without further adieu, we shall all allow for a moderate onslaught of inquisition units to bombard me!
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  2. Where does your interest for economy come from?
  3. What would you rather have? Cupcake that looks like a cake, or a cake that looks like a cupcake?
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  4. I was about to ask how old you are *Looks at profile* Derp
  5. I eat Maxarias. I do not throw them.
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  6. How much rupees do you have on the server?
  7. How many lava buckets would it take to go lava wall the area around the periodic reset area on all servers, on all outposts?
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  8. waterwall.png
    What emotions does this picture create inside you?
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  9. Just general questions.

    How did you learn about EMC?
    Do you plan on becoming a supporter?
  10. Minecraft and Terraria.

    Starting with Terraria, I have designed community ecosystems. I had so many ideas for universities, police forces, tunnel systems, towns, cities, the whole works, most of which I never even had the time to implement.

    The ideas kept up when I joined EMC. Of course, they were a bit nerfed. It was difficult to make a tunnel system in the largely protected Town, and the wilderness was susceptible to griefings. So I kept to a shop system, offering investments.

    Eventually, I got a bit of an interest in politics, and I returned from my lava wall induced absence with a socialist faction, SCoM. I over-hauled this, because it wasn't really sustainable, but of course I went through a few revisions before I started the LSCC. It failed, me and my IRL friend were the only members, and we never got our secretive resource factory and artistic metropolis built in the middle of the ocean. So me and L0tad teamed up in an effort to realise both our visions. What came of it was a failed attempt to establish L0tad's Gangnam Project in the LLO, followed by a drive in both of us to implement our respective knowledge on politics to make something greater than a wild outpost.

    Eventually, I got a book on economics for Christmas, and with my knowledge, I founded the New Republic, complete with everything I have learned from the book implemented practically; a central banking system allowing for fractional reserve banking, a currency, an almost completely free market and socialist government to compete with the private sector and provide necessities, and much more.

    Either, you never said that either option couldn't contain a successfully captured gram of antimatter, worth $60 trillion. So I'd have either.
  11. What would you rather have:
    a lava wall, or a million rupees
  12. What is the secret to making an excellent lava wall? I wish to learn from the master.
  13. 27k. It's mostly from the 15k Christmas bonus, money I had saved up, and money I got for writing 1,000 word papers for people.

    I feel an extremely deep and overwhelming feeling of everything possibly negative. Sadness, fear, hatred, resentment, anger, frustration, furiousness, a burning desire to put a stop to what you've shown me and be far away and impervious to it so I can never feel this feeling again and I can be secure.


    Not at the moment, no. I can't, parents won't pay. But I would if I could, the server definitely deserves the money.
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  14. Will you marry me?
  15. Cough cough WHERE'S MY QUESTION cough cough
  16. 14,300 lava buckets precisely. That is a calculated figure.

    Aye, whatever, wee boy.
  17. You'll have to offer a double chest of lava buckets to my father for my hand in marriage.

    If you examine pi in binary, the answer is definitely encoded somewhere in there.
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  19. Where's your father?!??!!
  20. Look further, it is in there somewhere, it's statistically certain, honestly.