For The EMC Staff

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  1. I drew this for you guys :)
    Sorry if its a bit hard to read. I tried :)
  2. Looks great man :D
  3. Not working for me... like i cant open it :confused:
  4. That's weird...
  5. I have to do this sometime xD
  6. Ohhh! now its working :D
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  7. I redid it :) image.jpg
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  8. Demon you're supposed to leave 6 hours between bumps of non-auction threads :)
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  9. :cool: i think this is pretty neat
  10. I shall make my own also. To add to this thread!
  11. Thankies
    I know I it would have looked better if I scanned it. But I have no idea how. Ill go into the corner now
  12. I finished it! sOpOaEp.jpg
    It isn't the best work i have every done. But i hope it can work out. :3 xx
  13. Way better then me. Wows
  14. Wow. I have no words.
  15. What?
  16. he like it...