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    I am not voting this year. I hate Jury Duty and I am not going to be responsible for voting any political figure into any office.

    The issue does not solely fall on the President of the United States of America. It also falls on Congress and all self serving politicians.
    The current administration has continually targeted Military Pay and Incentives as a budget cut option although many of us fall underneath the poverty line already. They want to modify the current Military Retirement eligibility from 38 to 65. This is unfair. The men and women who serve their country deserve their Military Retirement after their 20+ years of service, regardless of the age at which they reach retirement. They sacrificed their freedoms to protect them for their fellow Americans. If they manage to live to retirement, they deserve that money. It isn't paid out to all of us. Some of us do not live long enough to earn it because of the blank check we write stating we will pay with our very lives to protect our country.

    Our U.S. Military is depended on to perform the actions necessary to keep most warfare off of our homeland, but in the end they are the biggest target for budget cuts. This is a major disrespect to those who bought the rhetoric that what they do is beneficial to our country. It is an outright lie. War is an atrocity sanctioned by Government officials to further their interests in Oil, Drug Money and Political Power at the expense of young men and women who are impressionable and loyal. Many are in service not for glory but for the false promise of a better future. Most do not receive the opportunity to utilize available programs for one reason or another.

    Also, the Government wants you to believe that they do not conduct Human Testing of medications and vaccines but that is an outright lie as well. The Military is the lead method of developing advances in Medical Practices because they can force us to take any vaccine or vaccine. They also perform experimental surgeries on the wounded because if they die during treatment, it can be written off as a casualty of the war that was beyond repair.

    I have been paid to participate in studies of vaccines, experimental treatments, case studies, etc. that later became mandatory and then became standard practice.
    Some examples: Anthrax Vaccine 7 shot series (Paid study, later mandated study and mandated vaccination); Small Pox (Paid study; Mandated vaccination); Rabies Vaccine [preventative] (Mandated Vaccination; Unpaid study); Doxycycline [anti-malaria; preventative] (Mandated medication; Unpaid study); Mefloquine [anti-malaria; preventative] (Alternate to Doxycycline; Mandated; Unpaid study).
    Do a bit of research on Mefloquine in particular, this is known to aggravate certain psychological disorders and the side effects are still unknown at this point in time. They force us to utilize Mefloquine if we are diagnosed with PTSD, TBI or any other psychological disorder stemming from combat related brain chemistry changes.
    I am suffering from PTSD, 2 TBIs, physical limitations, alcoholism and the depression aggravated immensely by the negativity associated with these conditions.
    To "treat" me with these things, they require me to take Zoloft, Mobic and Seroquel. My dosages on the brain chemistry alteration medications are high. The Zoloft is 200mg/daily and Seroquel is 25mg/daily. The Mobic is 15mg/daily for "anti-inflimation" of the joints.
    The Zoloft and Mobic cause serious side effects, including hallucinations, paranoia and mood swings. The Zoloft also causes total lack of sexual desire and function in addition to potentially causing thoughts of suicide or even suicidal acts. These medications also cause vivid dreams and nightmares that seem to be completely realistic and have even caused me to have vivid flash backs.
    The Seroquel targets the central nervous system to slow down heart rate, brain function and causes immense fatigue. If taken at the wrong time, it can cause over sleeping, similar symptoms of over-indulging in alcohol and even sleep walking/functioning as if awake in a black out state. Alcohol increases these effects and can be fatal.
    Now, without these medications I become extremely paranoid, angry and depressed. I sink into deep states of self despair and this is when my alcoholism really comes into the spotlight. Without these medications, I am a big danger to society. This will require me to remain on these medications even after I leave the service. This is where the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs comes in. The VA Hospitals will be my source of medication.

    The U.S. Government has also targeted the VA as a potential for budget cuts. It is already severely underfunded as it stands and yet Congress wants to steal this from us as well. This current political system is running us through the mill and setting us out to rot away hidden from the public eye.

    I do not have Internet Links to provide you with this information. I know these things from living them. We get reports that Civilians will never receive. We have classified documents that will not be declassified for hundreds of years that will provide these truths long after our civilization will be far removed from the concern of barbaric practices of the Technological Age.

    Try and convince me otherwise as much as you wish but I am living through this hell and will continue to no matter how many "fact-checkers" you can point me to. They are being fed the same B.S. as the rest of you but they spin it to side with the political party funding their existence.

    Just wanted your attention, hope this finds you. :)
    Close this thread if you so choose, I just wanted my voice to get out there before the thread closed.. It took over 30 minutes to write this up so I didn't make it by 3 minutes. :)
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  2. You Rock!!

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  3. :confused:, that is a big wall of text, let me read it now....
  4. I wish we could re-elect the prime minister in England. Unfortunately
    1) I'm not even the legal age to vote
    2) He's going to be sitting on tha toilet for a long time.

    He has the face of a sloth and the mind of a chimp.
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  5. Considering you took so long to write that and it was done while it was being closed, it will remain up, but locking as requested. :)
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