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  1. Discard this forum
    I decided to let staff
    Good luck!!!

    Hello My fellow staff
    I am doing an Event
    If you know where this place is at
    In the link below please I beg you keep this a secret
    Don't let anyone know where it is at
    I put not even bother you asking
    Please help me out with the little I am asking
  2. Please send as a PM to all staff members, this will easily be lost in the new-threads or overlooked.
    PS. Staff were players once too, and there are many out there who know more secret places than us.
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  3. I am not trying to be mean. If you don't know where this is and would like to play please let me know and I'll edit the forum and let staff play. I promise. I wouldn't mind a little player staff fun.
  4. Ok I'll make you a deal you delete this forum and I'll edit the other one and staff can play deal it'll be fun
  5. Locked by request
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.