FOR SALE!! -> SMP7 /v 15151 FOR SALE!!

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  1. Hi I am Selling Res 15151 smp7

    This res is under my alts name of SilkenT2


    You may post your interest and ask questions on this thread.

    Please Do Not Post Your Bid on this thread!

    Send all bids via PM only!!

    Any bids made on this thread may be ignored!

    Only Send Bids to Silken_thread otherwise it may be ignored!

    To make a bid Click Here -> PM

    Highest bid will be selected in a few weeks
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  2. Bump - Some price reductions at 13131 and 7313
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  3. May I ask why your selling your res? :eek:
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  4. I believe it may be because of the number :) players that own/build museums and malls love res' with numbers such as this :)
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  5. As ShrinkingMatt said, I had a mall on it for some time but little business so I take it that smp7 no longer needs the mall. I have my main mall on smp6 and another on smp3 which is used.

    The res number is the key here although not so popular now, a few years ago res numbers were very important easy to remember and so shops, malls owners would seek these out. Now that you can name your res such as /v +Silk numbers are not so important but some players still like them.

    Even if someone forgets the /v +name the number is easy to remember, hence it is still useful. Residences next to town spawn are also very popular.
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