[ For EMC Staff ] Missing End Portal Block

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  1. Hello.
    One of the portal blocks of an End Portal in the SMP8 Wild Frontier is missing.

    I know it can be done very easily with a Vanilla MC Command, but I'm not allowed to use them as a Survival player. Can any of you EMC Staff please fix this?

    Coordinates are underlined in the image below.
    *Target Y-Value: 27

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  2. Is this related to dragon tombs?
  3. Only Senior Staff and Admin's can spawn blocks in.

  4. No. Is it not at all.
  5. Ok. I'll try contacting one of them, like RainbowChin or Maxarias. Maxarias is an old friend of mine on EMC.;)
  6. I have not seen her in time, lul.
  7. You know Maxarias is completely inactive and only has a title because it'd be weird for Aikar to demote her. Also, are you trying to show off that you know her or something?
  8. Yes. That's all.
    I don't expect her to solve this phenomenon.;)
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  9. This 'phenomenon', is just a simple glitch and can easily be fixed. Honestly, there is no huge bug, exploit or anything. The portal still works as normal.
  10. That's like me bragging about Caden and my marriage irl, you just don't do it.
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  11. You're married to Caden? :eek:
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  12. Shh. :oops:
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  13. That's true.
    The End Portal is functional; I just like having things be ascetically pleasing when possible.;)
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  14. You must use one of those 12,000x12,000 texture packs then, because the default is not very "ascetically pleasing"
  15. *seductively winks at Cory*
  16. No. That's false. And what you call by Default Minecraft's look is just your "opinion". It is not a fact.
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  17. Definitely not appropriate for over here.
    Please talk about this somewhere else. Ok?
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  18. See you soon then, bae ;)
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  19. Problem solved. Rainbow fixed up the End Portal. ;)
    This thread can go down now.
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