For all you OCD sufferers out there - The cruelty of EMC revealed

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Is this horrible and untolerable?

Yes 4 vote(s) 17.4%
Double Yes. 2 vote(s) 8.7%
My god, how do you put up with this? 17 vote(s) 73.9%
  1. 2012-05-03_23.12.41.png

    Every day I look at this, and every day a little bit of my soul dies and my OCD, which I didn't have until I spotted this, flares up.

    Why EMC, why do you do this to me??

    Please, god, someone fix it. I spend hours on end hacking at it with my blunt axe, sobbing such salty, salty tears.

    (In case you can't see it, the double lamp-post throws it out of line with the spawn entrance, the silver block 'T' and my entrance)
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  2. I shared a res across the street (maybe I still do?) for a time. One day I ventured over and realized it was off.
    *tears hair out*
  3. Kill it with fire!
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  4. I sat for ages during construction going nuts at whether I lined my entrance off against the lamp, or off against the spawn entrance.
    I figured if one day I pleaded hard enough, there was more chance of a lamp being moved than an entire spawn!
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  5. OMG! Fix it now. i can not play on here with that.
  6. Whats the problem :/
  7. It's off center.
  8. It's the spawn of the Devil, that's what it is.
  9. you do realize that if they move one lamp they will have to move them all, which will more than likely cause someone else's res to become off center from the lamps as well..this could lead to the EMC Apocalypse. :):confused::eek:
  10. They could always remove the lamp, and the hedge, and stick some sandstone down to make path into my res from the spawn.

    That'd be even. :)
  11. Solution? HIDE THE SHAME! Build a wall and cover it up :T
  12. I have this exact thing when I build arches. Has to be perfect or I go nuts.

    But I was expecting this to be some thing praising that dreadful oCd texture pack.
  13. Lol, I hate that tp.
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  14. Breath Kilman! Breath!

    Actually the fix would just require making it a single post lamp like most of the other lamp posts in EMC :)
  15. But then that would be off from the other ones....
  16. He can't see the others through his entrance :D
  17. Please, Justin, MAKE IT STOP! (or Shawn or Jeremy)
  18. Pure Evil...
  19. Contact an administrator.....

    Can't stand things like that.
  20. The nether is leaking!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY RUN PROTECT YOUR GOODIES!