For all of those people who want a mob arena server...

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  1. I have seen many people asking about or begging for a mob arena server. Some of the time when I bring up the old Empire Arena server, they don't believe me. I would like to show everyone who wasn't here when the Empire the Arenas were alive this amazing creation of a Mob Arena. I found this old post showing what it was. Here is proof that the Arenas existed. They were magnificent, but sadly only few people played on it. Three arenas were made by (Not sure who did what or if just one of them made all three) JustinGuy and GameKribJeremy (You all know him as ICC), One by GameKribDuck, one by AusQB, and two by WbDGaming. If the staff would ever bring back these arenas, I would love to see this world back on it, as this was, to me, one of the best parts of the Empire. BUT I do not support anyone to spam the staff to bring back the arenas, as it is up to them if they want to or not.
  2. This has been discussed multiple times, please do a search! :)
  3. I would like a mob arena but i am happy with just a pvp server
  4. What the whole post says is that I would like the old mob arena server back, but I know that it most likely won't happen again and am stating that it did in fact exist. This is more of to prove they existed than to beg them to be brought back.
  5. Oh I see, I think the link in the guide is already in some other places, however thank you! :D
  6. Every now and then they mods do a little Mob arena type deal on SMP5. They announce before they do. A Bunch of us go out to the arena that Shaun, IcC, Aikar, Max and Green built out of bedrock on the spawn/wild border (so it can't be broken by people) and we all get inside, they shut us in and spam mobs until one last person is standing.
    (Don't worry it says Wolf with a winky face. In my half asleep stupor I thought it said WTF.)

    Here's the thread from last Sunday night with some more screenshots:
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  7. Sorry if that sounded a little harsh :p
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