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  1. Theres one thing about being a donator thats hard.
    having to much money!
    i havent played forever, and i realized i had 60,112r. i couldnt spend it all, so i decided.
    why not donate it? so i did. every penny.
    20,000 went to gamer_4ever_, who is starting a new shop.
    another 20,000 went to rainstorm2, who i said could have his own pixel art museum on my res, but never got it.
    12,00 went to a new hotel, which was in progress.
    and i sent 4,ooo to both bel101bel and demolitionmaster, who had been longtime friends of mine.

    now, i will be coming on occasionally, donating and such. I always love the success of a new business!
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  2. Would you please donate to 4440? :)
  3. I am in the middle of setting up an outpost in the wild in smp6 and I'm also setting up
    a large shop on smp4 (when I move), a little booster from my mere 9k would
    brighten up my day!
  4. -_-
  5. I am working on a HUGE fortress near spawn on smp2 and really need the money for netherbrick...

    EDIT: I know Chas saw it I think...
  6. What what what? 9K is nothing. Nothing.
  7. Neither is my 13k :p
  8. Well i'm starting an outpost sort of thing on smp5 and I could do with another 4k to buy cobble and wood :)
  9. It's funny; when you have 1.5k you think 5k is grand, when you have 5k you want 10k, at 10k you want 50k and etc. except, when you have like 3billion and you want 4bil, you MUST be leowaste...
  10. guys, when i made this i just wanted to share my experience. not randomly give away money.
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  11. i have never hade 9k before
  12. Beware teh grieferz.
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  13. Maybe you could check out 13165 on SMP6 instead, ODSTALCAPWNED?
    I should get a bonus for spelling your name right! :D
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  14. Thats why you dont post stuff like this cause people are vultures and all they want is money and dont even know how to work for it -_-
  15. Its in town! Duh!

    EDIT: Look at sig!
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  16. guys stop begging him for ruppess he spent it all and just cause he donated to other people doesint mean he will donate to you
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  17. Can u pl0x giv meh all yourz moneyz so i cant be a fat greek king and people can feed meh grapes?
  18. Whats the project there?
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  19. Nvm