For a Good Cause, Part Two?

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  1. I have accumulated money. Again.
    A while back, I donated 60 thousand rupees to various places.
    I made a thread, and you guys were very supportive of me!
    so, now im thinking about doing something good with my money again. but this time, even bigger.
    so, in history class, we are learning about these things called "public works"
    basically, its were jobs are made by building new things for the public.
    so, your making jobs, and expanding the city. its killing 2 birds with one stone.
    and that is what my 120x120 res will be from now on. a public work area.
    we will build awesome things for the community, and people will get jobs.
    i cannot wait to see what happens with this.
    i will provide the materials, and pay.
    but if you could donate some rupees to help pay for the supplies and workers, that would be great.
    so, thank you for supporting me the first time i did this, and hopefully, you'll support this project too!
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  2. I'm a little bit familiar with Keynesian economics, the branch of economics encompassing the public works you've described, so I'm slightly interested.
    What kind of community things do you have in mind to put on your Utopia res?
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  3. im thinking maybe a roller coaster, a water slide, ya know, stupid things people do on mine craft :p. but i will do more serious things also. im coming up with it right now.
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  4. well, theres a bump in the road, im not a supporter anymore. the project will have to be postponed.
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  5. I will be willing to participate, once its ready. :)